RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I've been spoiler hunting.

And I have good news and bad news for you with regards to actor contracts, future self...

Dylan Bruno will be back next season!  Which somehow means that Colby will NOT be rotting away in prison somewhere...YAY COLBY NOT EVIL!  *\o/*

It looks like Isaiah Washington is not coming back to Seattle Grace.  WTF SHOW.  ARE YOU TRYING TO LOSE ME AS A VIEWER?  If this comes to fruition, then you've now eliminated two of my four favorite characters.  Meredith and Derek ride the fence (although it usually works out that I like Derek and dislike Meredith unless the former is making dreamy eyes at her), and I basically hate everyone else, which does not bode well for my patience.

Also, if this is a result of the s*** that went down in October, then I hate T.R. Knight with a fiery burning passion, as it is entirely his fault for costing me my favorite character.  YES.  ENTIRELY.  I have no sympathy, none, if you indirectly got called a mean ole' name.  In fact, I'm kind of tempted to call you that name again.  With a few more expletives thrown in for good measure. 

Seriously, Burke > George by one thousand times.  Washington > Knight by one thousand times.  I am not getting into a debate with my commenters because thinking about this drives me into a tailspin of rage, but I cannot possibly stress just how much, if you force me to take sides, I'm in favor of the former.
Tags: grey's anatomy, numb3rs, spoilers

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