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I spent my afternoon luxuriating in Revolution fanvids, because for a girl who is still insisting that Billy Burke's face can't stand on its own without a pretty woman attached to it, I am pretty into him as a romantic hero. It turned into an excuse to refesh my memory on a bunch of really wonderful scenes and highlight moments in various relationships without the pain in the butt that is feeding 8 different DVDs into the computer one at a time, waiting for them to load and skipping around manually.

1. Between - Miles/Rachel
[embedded here]

I found this first but have only played it once -- it's not the song that grabbed me so much (although it is a nice, peaceful number, in contrast to the usual hysteria pace of this show, that allows us to really focus on the couple) as just enjoying the video content, and all the spoken word clips, especially from early season 2 which have been largely forgotten.

Alternatively, here is a delightful Top Ten Moments of Season 2, Episodes 1-9, to refresh us all.

2. Deal With God [Running Up That Hill] - Miles/Rachel.
[video embed]

Season 1 only, but...turns out these are some super-applicable lyrics for this ship.

3. 21 Guns - Miles & Bass.
[also embedded here]

This uses the Broadway Cast recording, which strikes me as an odd choice to use over the original Green Day when you're focused on just these two guys (if it were focused on the show as a whole, this version with its split between male and female voices would be perfect), but the images are good. I'm also very happy I now know about this version and can at least daydream about it applying to the whole cast.

Also, this clip from 2x05 is cracking me up, especially the very end. I do miss Miles Matheson. Nothing makes me happier than when he is grumbling and trying to keep his flock of vagabonds in line/not killing each other, especially when Rachel is among those not cooperating with his demands.I

I wonder if I could get my mom on board to watch this series. She always said the premise sounded good but just never had time to actually watch an episode. PLUS, she's been watching Zoo with me all summer and loving it/Mitch Morgan in particular, so I think that adds a selling point.
Finally: after waiting a year I finally got my hands on that romance novel I picked out for Barbie/Julia just came in -- West Winds of Wyoming, for those keeping track -- and I thought the timing was perfect but now I'm afraid I might be off to the next thing, because it turns out Miles is just exactly the right fit for the genres I usally write off unseen: bad boy, broke-up-years-ago-but-now-reunited, etc. Only I don't even know how to begin researching that genre. At least when horses were involved it was easy. Miles doesn't fit the romance-novel cowboy archetype, though, despite the plethora of horses on that show.

[edit: or I might just be horribly attempted to twist him/Jamie/Brother Jackson into this story instead of Barbie/Julia/Brother Sam, especially seeing as he comes with a built-in daughter I would otherwise have had to invent.]

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