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If anybody ever asks us, let's just tell 'em that we met in jail

Under the Dome finale: I watched it.

All I really want right now is that HIMYM .gif from The Bracket of Marshall saying, "I'm tired. And sad."

It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't great. I got the flash-forward I wanted, and the Barbie/Julia part of it was great, but because it was written as a season finale and not a series finale, all it did was screw with the canon timeline and set up a possibly even weirder season 4. Without removing the threat of the alien virus coming un-dormant. But at least I don't actually have to watch any more episodes with New Eva in them.

Mostly I'm depressed because Norrie had to live for a year without Joe and join the military to find him again, and I don't know which one of those things is more awful, tbh. Hot army dudes with experience behind them are one thing. Young people, especially women, in the unsentimental world of harsh order-barking just make me sad.
Tags: feelings explosion, lyrical post titles, under the dome

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