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Probably should go pick up an icon for this show.

I'm a little worried that this year's excuse for not watching Castle will be because I have ruined myself in the shipping department and, for the the first time ever, have no patience for sweet bland married people in love after the summer I've had. Right now I want guys rough around the edges and kinda outside the law, and while Beckett does fulfill my "badass ladies with guns" desire for the female counterpart, Richard "looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll" Castle is in no way comparable to the Barbie/Jackson/Mitch/Miles archetype I've got going on right now.

This is all code for "I checked season 2 of Revolution out of the library yesterday, spent two nights going through it, and am just one thousand percent obsessed with that world again.

I read through all my old reviews before I popped open the DVDs, and I have to say I am very impressed with my writing style and all of those observations hold up, but I'm also fascinated by how many intricate details I skipped over while trying to process the exciting plot as a whole. That is of course great for Current Me, because I basically get to treat the whole DVD set as a Miles/Rachel Shipping Tour and think about what a perfectly matched and awesome pair they are, not even just romantically.

I'm working on a stupidly long post about all my fave discoveries of things I've forgotten and/or failed to previously mention, possibly even with pictures, so for now I will just leave you with this hilarious 2-minute video compiling some of the best quips and other humorous moments on the show, complete with catchy transition music and extra captions for added effect.

And maybe this cute Sky1 interview from mid-season 1 featuring the cast being adorable and showing off DELIGHTFUL buddy chemistry.
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