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LOST: Through the Looking Glass

Of course, I couldn't resist reading all the spoilers so I knew what was going to happen at the end.  And it's a good thing I did, because you know I never watch Jack flashbacks, so I would have skipped right through everything and then at the end been all "WTF, since when did Jack and Kate know each other before the plane crash?!?!" 

Flash-forwards: To that end, post-rescue Jack is a heartbreaking sight.  It reminds me of the end of the Animorphs series (spoiler alert!) Yeah, they eventually saved the world, but afterwards Jake (their leader) was such a psychological mess that not even his beloved Cassie could hold onto him.  He wound up alone and broken; she moved on.  And I wonder...I really wonder if part of the reason Jack is so messed up is that not everyone got off the island.  If maybe it was just he and Kate who escaped, the way he almost did with Juliet.  That would explain a lot about his anguish over how maybe they weren't supposed to escape, and it would also explain a great deal about Kate's almost desperate counter, "Yes, we were."  The look on her face is a lot like the one she wore while insisting to Sawyer that "we had to leave Jack behind" - guilt, and a powerful attempt to convince herself there was no other choice.

I really want to play 20 Questions with Cuse and Lindelof about the identity of the person in coffin... "is it a man or a woman?  Is it someone we know on the island?"

Part of me is inclined to believe it's Sawyer, that he royally screwed Kate over at some point and she wants nothing more than to forget.  Of course, that contradicts the other part of me that wants to believe Sawyer is the person in question when Kate tells Jack she has to go, as "he'll be wondering where I am."  (to fit with my above theory, maybe just a handful of people escaped with Jack and Kate?)  The only other thing I can come up with is that it's someone who is instrumental in possibly being able to locate the island again, and his or her death destroys one of Jack's best bets at having a chance to go back.

The Looking Glass Hatch: As great as it was to see a whole pack of Ben's lies being unraveled, along with Charlie merrily taunting them with Juliet's betrayal...WTF, does Mikhail just NOT DIE?  If you cut off his head, would he grow two new ones in its place?  It's absolutely infuriating.  I mean, it was kind of nice seeing him shoot the two bitchy women, especially after how many times I had to watch the blonde one whack Charlie across the face and draw blood, but...damn, Desmond shot him in the chest with a spear gun.  How does he get up and walk away from that - without even making any noise?  Ugh.  Anyway, I probably would have enjoyed Charlie finally getting through to Penny a lot more if he hadn't subsequently died.  As it is, I continue to have zero sympathy for the long-lost lovers, and now actively hope that Desmond never sees her again.  Speaking of my beloved hobbit rock god...

Charlie: *wails* NOOOOO!!!  Not fair, not fair, SO cheap, SO unnecessary.  I cannot believe how many times they yanked him back from the brink of death in this episode alone, only to make him kill himself at the end.  Well, practically.  As I screeched about before, Mikhail only managed to break one tiny window.  The hatch is HUGE by comparison.  It would have taken ages to flood entirely; Charlie had plenty of time for both him and Des to strap on their diving gear and get out beforehand..  And even if it HAD flooded entirely, unless Mikhail also plugged up the hole that Charlie and Desmond swam up in the first place, there was always an escape route.  But no, Charlie decides he'll just lock himself in a small flooded room to ensure that he drowns, like the future won't come true unless he completes every step of the plan.  Again, he's apparently forgotten how according to Desmond/The Universe, he was supposed to be dead several weeks ago from take-your-pick of mundane and utterly non-heroic causes.  This was no great sacrifice, this was just blind stupidity.  Fuck Desmond and his obsession with making his flashes come true, seriously.  Watching Charlie drown was worse than watching The Lone Gunmen die.

Rumble on the Beach, Part I: Watching Others get blown to kingdom come is very, very satisfying.  And I love Sayid's one moment of badassery where instead of backing down, he decides to take aim at the puny little head of the guy using Jin as a shield.  I bet he would have made that shot, too, if he hadn't promptly had a gun held to his head.  Sigh.  Doesn't he ever get tired of being captured?

Kate/Sawyer: Yeah, since we do you call her "Kate"?  Oh, Sawyer.  If she can splash you in the face without you cursing or even yelling at her, It's becoming clear to me that you're going to be screwed up for quite some time...and I'm not looking forward to it.  Quick, somebody put Kate in immediate danger!  That usually snaps him to attention.  But at least we finally addressed the issue of her potential pregnancy.  There's just a little falter in her voice when she says it, the only thing to betray she might actually be a little scared about it.  She wants reassurance and he knows it; I also think he wants to give it to her but he's in no position to be able to do that just now, and so he shuts her out.  Man, I hate the shutting out. But I'd rather focus on that as the S/K issue than continue fighting out the love triangle.

Jack: Don't do anything stupid.
Juliet: I won't if you won't.

RS: But he will, Juliet...HE tell Kate he loves her.

Initially, I hated the ILU scene because if there was one thing the already addled Kate did not need, it was hearing that Jack still had feelings for her.  (and I was extra-ticked at him for saying so right after kissing Juliet)  However, many people have since pointed out that it sounded like 'I love you' in an 'I care about you' context.  Platonically.  Having rewatched it, yeah, I can definitely see that.  It puts me in a much better mood, because after all they've been through they certainly do have a bond deep enough to call love.  And I love that even though Kate apparently couldn't understand the miserable look Sawyer gave her before he left, Jack was more than willing to point out he'd only been trying to protect her.  Silly Kate, haven't you learned by now that no matter how often you try to prove your toughness as their equal, the alpha male instinct can't be overridden?

Still, I like this pair so much more when they're able to just talk, without Kate whining or pleading and without Jack bossing her around.  Can it be like this for the rest of the series, please?

Jack/Juliet: *explodes from teh cute* I've had my daydreams all over this since Juliet came back to the beach with him, but I didn't think I was actually going to get my J/J kiss this season!  WHEE!  A very sweet kiss, too.  That almost makes up for losing Charlie.  (*sniff*)  I absolutely adore these two.  Adore, adore, adore.  

Ben: Words cannot express how much glee I got out of watching Jack beat Ben to a bloody pulp.  I'm usually a little squicked when punches draw blood, but I had to watch that beatdown 5 or 6 times to really relish it.  It vicariously relieved a lot of my pent-up anger.  Ben being walked on a lead, hands bound, was also sufficiently gratifying.  Now, even if I hadn't read spoilers I wouldn't have believed that Bernard/Jin/Sayid were really dead; based on Ben's past record of half-truths and bluffing, I wouldn't have acquiesced unless I actually saw bodies.  It's way too easy to claim you've shot someone just based on the sound of a bullet firing.  But even if Ben's goons had done what they were supposed to, I'm proud of Jack for not turning over the phone.  His power lies in information; information is the one thing you want to keep away from him at all costs. 

Alex/Rousseau reunion: Awwww.  With a dad like Ben, I somehow think that even a mysterious wild-woman would seem like a huge improvement for a parent.  I'm glad Alex didn't freak out or recoil or anything.  That was a very nice moment.  Also, for the record, I would like to state now that ever since Alex was introduced, I've been under the assumption that Ben is not her biological father - he simply raised her after having her kidnapped from Rousseau.  I always assumed if women couldn't carry to term on this island, he needed some other way of ensuring he'd have an heir to pass down his knowledge and leadership to.  I doubt he counted on her being quite so rebellious, though.  Claire, maybe you weren't crazy for worrying that they were coming after Aaron...

Locke: WALT!  How do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways...first he gets Shannon killed, then he indirectly gets Libby killed (and Ana-Lucia, I guess, but I wouldn't have hated her so much if she hadn't shot Shannon), and now he PREVENTS LOCKE FROM KILLING HIMSELF.  MAN do I hate this child.  And while I suppose it wasn't really Walt so much as a smoke-monster manifestation of him, it's enough to make me cranky.  So what does Locke do?  He knifes Naomi.

Now, I'm okay with that because she grated on my nerves the way she always seemed vaguely unimpressed with the Losties, but I'm not okay with Locke just randomly killing willy-nilly for "the good of the island."  He's got all his crazy back, and then some.  Locke is still very much on the hit list; Mikhail is #1 on said list but Locke is battling with Desmond for second place.  Now, it sounds like maybe he might be on to something, if Naomi's not who she says she is, but I'm a little tired of everyone acting like the island is God On Earth.  What is so damned special about this little spit of land that it has to be protected at the expense of all the poor Lostaways' hope of rescue?  Ben might have had a point asking Jack what he was so desperate to go home to, but I'm pretty sure people like Claire and all those unnamed extras would like to get back to, you know, CIVILIZATION.

Rumble on the Beach, Part II: Sayid reinstates his claim to badassery when he snaps a guy's neck with his feet.  WHOA. Hurley kicks it all off by running the guy over in his van, but I hate Hurley too much to give him even a modicum of praise.  Oh, and did I mention how THRILLED I am that Juliet turned 100% on her former allies?  I'm so, so proud of her.  *pumps fist* I'm slightly less proud of Sawyer for killing friendly ole' Tom.  I mean, it's Big Gay Tom!  He was almost lovable and stuff, when he wasn't holding a gun to Kate's head...come on, he played football with Jack!  I always kind of hoped they could someday win Tom over to their side like they did Juliet.  At the very least, I think Tom has a shred of human decency in him.  Well, had.  Because SAWYER KILLED HIM.  Which is not going to do any wonders for his mental health.

Even Juliet looked a little shocked by his cold-blooded action, although I think she had an easier time understanding than poor Hurley did.  Actually, I couldn't figure out why either, until after two days of puzzling over what Sawyer meant by "that's for taking the kid off the raft," did I finally realize "OH!  He meant Walt.  (*cough* Let me rephrase that, 'WAAAALLLLTTTT!")  Hm, that was the point at which this huge mess started, wasn't it?  Okay James, you're justified, but I'm still not happy with you.  

Other things:
-Jin painstakingly working out a full sentence in English in explaining to Sun why he had to be one of the people staying behind was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  I'm usually not particularly enamored of this couple because I don't like Sun, but that was beautiful.

-I love the epic music that swells as the beach group begins their trek away from the beach

-Reason #314 to hate Charlie & Hurley's friendship - the latter hanging around Claire & baby while the former is away.  And since the former is never coming back, I'm terribly afraid that Hurley is going to offer to be her go-to babysitter now.  Wow, if there's one way to make the baby or Hurley more annoying, it's to put them TOGETHER.  *quietly gnashes teeth*

-Best quote ever:
Sawyer: You screwin' Jack yet?
Juliet: No.  Are you?


Overall, that was a remarkable episode.  I was completely unimpressed by the finale last year, but this time around I was completely wrapped up in the story.  I loved the showdown between Others and Lostaways, it was as good as they'd hyped.  And more than that, it coasted to a close on a nice, level plateau.  I'm not going to be raging for answers all year; this was so thoroughly satisfying that I'll have no trouble putting the long wait out of my mind and just pretending this was the end of the series.  I mean, of course they paved the way for plenty more fascinating storytelling when it finally revs up again, but it won't be torture waiting for those.  Until the new season is in sight, I can placate my mind by pretending that it *was* Penny's boat, pretending Charlie didn't die, and rescue is on the way, and it'll be enough for me.  God, this is all I ever asked of a season finale.  Why couldn't more shows have come to a level stop for their season finales?

Final Grade: A-, but only because I already miss Charlie.  Dominic Monaghan was my impetus for tuning into this show in the first place, you know.

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