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*sobs happily, nearly incoherent*


Like at first I was just irritated that they not only didn't give us any "plane crash rescue" moments, they stole six months from us (THAT'S LIKE A WHOLE SEASON), with barely enough patience left over to be grateful that they didn't actually kill Jamie AND they let us know right off the bat, since the alternative would have whipped me into a frothing rage cloud.

But then HOLLA. Mitch letting us all know in VERY CLEAR AND UNCERTAIN TERMS how in love he was* and how Jamie's death has turned him back into a washed up wreck of a human being**. Picking fights he can't win just to feel something again. And best of all not drowning his sorrows in random bar hookups. (THANK YOU.)

And then, just as I was wondering why in the heck they hadn't saved the "Jamie's alive" reveal for the end -- obviously I was not daring to hope for a reunion -- it turns out IT'S BECAUSE SHE WILL FINALLY GET HER HANDS ON A PHONE AND CALL HIM AND WE WILL ALL MELT LIKE ROCK BENEATH HOT LAVA AT THE AMAZING RELIEF AND JOY AND ~FEELINGS~ ALL OVER HIS FACE.

They even saved the pure liquid crack -- when they actually see each other again*** -- for next season, so we have something waiting in the wings. God I love everything this show chooses to be. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't dangle a death separation over us twice just to make good on it the second time...

P.S. oh my god, look at this fool grinning to beat the band when he meets up with Jackson & Chloe for their Let's All Boat Trip To Get Jamie rendez-vous. He's just so happy about seeing her again.

I can't even get mad about the cliffhanger ending, because it's so Zoo to just barrel ahead like "WELL, THERE'S WHAT WE WANNA DO FOR SEASON 2. YOUR MOVE, CBS."



* it's my favorite kind of love, when death/grief intensifies your feelings until you single-handedly work yourself in deeper than you ever were before you lost her (DON FLACK).

**apparently Jamie didn't save him as much as he thought, since apparently the daughter he recently professed to want to reconnect with is not enough of a reason to not become a miserable drunk...? but I'll talk more about that later

***so help me god, if you skip over that in exposition I will cut a bitch

Tags: feelings explosion, zoo

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