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They're Monaco and Hamptons bound / but we don't feel like outsiders at all

I have been watching the Glee auction all day (Iiterally since 1 PM; I've had to take forced breaks from it) and I feel dangerously close to a mental breakdown. I'm not bidding on anything because I didn't strictly budget it for it, but it is so PAINFUL to see so many things going for $175-250, amounts that even with premiums and shipping and other fees tacked on, I could technically take out of my savings account and still have money left over.

Plus I'm splitting my attention between the "#glee auction" tag on Tumblr (which lbr is basically a combination party/support group at this point) for live fandom reactions and my feelings are wildly oscillating between sympathy (it's okay, teens form whom $100 is an incomprehensible amount of money!), crazy joy (SOME ACTUAL MEMBERS OF FANDOM WITH TUMBLR ACCOUNTS HAVE WON SOME OF THESE LOTS), panic that I won't be able to keep track of who won what if they upload pictures of it, more panic that people might organize raffles/giveaways/etc. of duplicate prop items they won and I might miss it, and happy nostalgia at being part of something special again.

It's like visiting your hometown after years away. HOW ARE Y'ALL DOING, I MISSED YOU MUCH. Plus there are all these new people I don't even remember (or never knew? I mostly only kept track of big-name writer fans, or at least Klaine fans) who still love Glee as much as I did, and are overjoyed about the chance to buy pieces of it.

So. yeah. My brain is super-fried, and I'm trying to manage work on top of all that and I'm supposed to go out with boyfriend later tonight (I...really didn't account for how many hours it would take to auction 750 lots). And we're gonna do this ALL OVER AGAIN tomorrow.

But I'm having such a good time. I think. I really can't tell anymore, guys. I feel kind of like a dog who will literally run themselves to death playing fetch if you don't stop them.
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