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So, even before I went all crazy over the Glee auction (it finally ended at 1:30 AM -- but I'm now wildly tagging people left and right who are offering to sell bits of their recently won paper ephemera collections with "YES I MIGHT BE IN THE MARKET. DON'T FORGET ME"), I was having a pretty emotionally wild day/week. Here are all the directions my brain has been going in:

1. After months of yearning, I finally found the proper jean jacket of my dreams! It's Tommy Hilfiger and perfectly tailored and just the right shade of medium blue and did I mention I got it for $2.00 at a new church-run thrift store because THAT IS THE BEST PART.

2. Half my brain is still flailing about Zoo.

3. The other half is still entangled in Revolution, causing a bit of Billy-Burke-related character whiplash that I'm okay with.

4. These two parts met in the middle on IMDB, and we will in fact be having a post about that.

5. I have fallen hard for two songs on the "American Idiot" Broadway Cast Recording soundtrack and now I really, really, really want to investigate hearing the whole thing and/or seeing if the play is online somewhere.

6. My phone broke -- literally broke; pieces of my little 3.75 year old flip phone have been chipping away all month and on Tuesday** it slipped out of my hand while it was open and the top half just snapped all the way off and sent another piece flying to boot. It is very very dead. So for the past 48 hours I've been tormented by the question of "should I buy a free (literally, the online price says "free"!) reconditioned smart Uglyface phone that gives me triple the number of minutes I buy but has no keys, but would be a largely risk-free way to see if I can handle having one, or just go ahead with a $15 friendly replacement flip phone?"

I don't want to make a decision in case I regret it -- because even if I do and I decide to change phones again, I have to pay $20 for a new phone card to activate it -- but I also hate not being able to text my boyfriend. That is some 21st Century Technology Dependency I've got going on there given that he's still only a call or email away, and I hate how anxious the simple lack of texting makes me feel, but still.

**TWO HOURS after I had just spent $32 to renew my service for another 90 days. I bought it online, so it was automatically applied, because I was on my last day of service -- no hope of refund. Yet I still have to buy a new phone card to activate a new phone. *GRUMPY FACE* [eta: apparently that's untrue as long as the minutes transfer!]
Tags: glee, life, thrifty shopping

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