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If you're wondering whether I got any less crazed overnight, the answer is kind of yes, in the sense of I talked myself out of directly bidding on anything (EVEN THOUGH NOBODY BID ON THE WILL AND EMMA WEDDING PROPS (lot 787) AND DID I NOT TELL YOU I WANTED PAPER EPHEMERA BAD ENOUGH THAT I WAS ACTUALLY WILLING TO GO FOR THAT?), and mostly no,, except I am getting too worn out to keep screeching into the void and it isn't even half over for tonight. Now I know what Marshall and Lily felt like after enduring two nights of parties for Robin in a row.

The good news is that there a pleasant number of people on Tumblr who've won items and they are happy and ready to appropriately cherish them (I am reblogging all the ones I like, under "#the glee auction" on Televinita).

These include one very happy Warblers fan, a pair of ecstatic Brittana fans who worked together, 1 or 2 people who are giddy about owning Tina outfits (even though hers are selling less than anyone else's, with the possible exception of Becky), and Januarium's group got the purple competition dresses from the season 4 finale (ALL OR NOTHING MAGIC!) and a bunch of paper ephemera (all spoken for, apparently, but it least it's in the fandom family).

None of the puppets sold except Blaine, Kurt and Elliot (IDEK), because they put a $2500 reserve on them. I'm surprised, albeit not very sad because hello ugly. Blaine's original Dalton outfit is far and away the winner of this auction, selling at a whopping $9500. I think the closest runners-up are the Blaine puppet at $3000, and Finchel's engagement ring at $2750, though I'm curious to know if the Klaine wedding rings will beat it.

P.S. I have grossly underestimated Adam Lambert/Elliot's appeal. Two of his outfits sold for $850/900. I...genuinely do not understand.

Mostly, though, I kind of just want it to be over so I can sleep, wake up rested enough to concentrate on work again, finish it and then be a FREE WOMAN for 36 hours for the first time since the 7th. I really want to kick back with a movie and not have my eyeballs constantly darting back and forth between the auction and what people are saying about it on Tumblr. (my Tumblr, incidentally, has temporarily transformed into a Glee blog again and I feel so very bad for the "Zoo" folk I just picked up under clearly false pretenses)
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