RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's 1:40 pm. Work is done. The Glee auction is over. The storms have given way to sunshine and perfect weather.

And I am just completely paralyzed as to what the heck I do now.

#shower...? #read? #I could actually take a walk?? #I feel like I wanted to get to the library in the 3 hours before it closes but can't remember why?

#what if I just continued to sit on the computer in my pajamas torturing myself by tracking where the Glee auction purchases have gone #and what if what if what if I hadn't convinced myself how great it would be to "save" the $130+ I would have spent and use it on something I've wanted for a long time but couldn't justify buying, and had bought one of the these lots?

Once upon a time I was too distracted by a real boy taking me on real dates to fight as hard as I could have to get tickets to a Darren Criss concert, and I still feel sad about not having that memory. If I had wishes, I think one of them would be to know what the right decision is, because I'm stll only about 75% accurate at reading myself to determine the line between "impulsivity" and "preventing regret."

OK RS, that's it. You're going to turn off and unplug the computer until dark. Then you won't have a choice about getting distracted.

Edit: Here's what I managed: a shower, two separate walks totalling about 4-6 miles (with a dinner break in between), reading most of a book, talking to boyfriend, and watching a movie 1.75 times because it was that much fun. (the .75 accounts for the unpleasant/unnecessary scenes I skipped the second time around). AND I STILL HAVE AN ENTIRE DAY OF WEEKEND LEFT.

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