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Fall 2015 Watchlist: The Skeleton Crew

A quick glance at the winner's list reminded me why I've stopped watching The Emmys (Allison Janney won Comedy Actress, a moderately acceptable outcome because she really does outshine her bland show, and then everything is boring or irritating in a way that would have escalated to a full-scale rage meltdown after 3 hours).

However, it did remind me that since the official TV season kicks off tonight, even though I very much plan to continue ignoring it as long as I can because hi I have about fifty Billy Burke projects to watch + I still need to give Under the Dome proper closure + whoops I didn't catch up on the 2 shows I actually most care about...I need to do this so that I can compare it next year.

Standard disclaimer: won't actually watch most of these live, I just need to remember when they start, and I've faded text for shows I probably won't watch 'til summer if at all, but might.

8:00: Blood and Oil [9/27] -- just to test it out. I got nowhere better to be. Definitely not at the CSI finale.

MONDAY (normally I'd list 2 Broke Girls but it's not premiering until midseason, SIGH)
9:00: Castle [9/21]
9:00: NCIS: LA [9/21]

Unknown time: The Mindy Project (Hulu, already on)
7:00: NCIS [9/22]
8:00: NCIS: NOLA (?) [ 9/22]

7:00 Survivor [9/23]
7:00: The Middle [9/23]
8:00: Criminal Minds [9/30]
8:00: Law & Order: SVU [9/23]
9:00: Code Black [9/30] only because timeslot convenience

And then my TV week is over.

8:00: Hawaii Five-0 (last-minute addition)

Lost off last year's watchlist: Sleepy Hollow, Red Band Society, Bad Judge, How To Get Away With Murder, Stalker. I like how the ones I fired got renewed and the ones I liked were canceled. (er, I guess RBS was mutual disinterest, but I would have been more willing to see another season of that than SH)

As you can plainly see from the above, I'm on deck for like...five. Five shows coming back that I'm going to keep up with and am at all interested in. Writing this part is almost pointless,

BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. Including the grayed-out shows and the one that isn't premiering until midseason for padding, though I am excluding any midseason-premiering new shows because I really don't know enough about them to make a judgment call, so they would be at the bottom of this list anyway.

1. Castle. I am leery of the new direction they're taking with Kate's job so until I get haaard confirmation that my relationship is safe/fandom is happy, I think I'm going to stay behind...but of all the shows in the world that are not airing in summer, this is still my favorite overall package in terms of characters, shipping and actual plots.

2. NCIS: LA: Again, if I weren't so busy tumbling for joy in the old seasons, I would be super happy about a peppy new season that might involve Deeks and Kensi actually being together from start to finish. These showrunners are not as love-happy as Castle, but they seem a sight more reasonable than the original NCIS people, so this is not outside the realm of possibility.

3. Survivor. It's my favorite type of season, the one where I already know everybody and get to see them again! I'm like 75% neutral to positive on this cast, too, which is always a risk when they bring back previous players.

4. 2 Broke Girls. I am so mad this is not coming back for ages because I really miss my girls. Seeing nightly previews for the arrival of old episodes to my Local Sitcom Syndication Channel only amped this feeling up. I wish I could find the "money, money, money, money makes the world go 'round" promo on YouTube because I have still not gotten tired of it.

5. The Middle. My biggest hurdle is just starting. Then I'm...almost sure I will love it again, even if I fear I've forgotten how to actually review this show. (maybe I don't have to review this show, even if I watch it every week? ...but then I'll try to write a season-reaction post and I won't remember anything that happened, and then I'll be sad I don't have a record of it. Maybe I should leave it for summer after all. See also: biggest hurdle is just starting.)

6. The Mindy Project. ...I don't know. Even though I collapsed on the ground in despair and pre-exhaustion when I heard the season had been expanded to 26 EPISODES WTF, as I was writing this list I thought about how drab the rest looked and felt a sudden desperate need to lose myself in bright colors and ridiculousnes and at least two hilarious quotes per episode.

7. NCIS. Just...loyalty reasons, I guess. Kind of curious to see more Gibbs-family-flashbacks when he almost dies again.

8. Criminal Minds. Last year left me underwhelmed so I have no actual excitement right now, but I can probably get back into the swing of things before long.

9. Law & Order: SVU. I know it is better if I leave this until summer and marathon it all in one or two gulps. I am a bit interested to know who their replacement detective will be and see more of Permanent Mom!Olivia balancing home and work life, though.

10. NCIS: NOLA. I won't get excited or anything and will probably zone out a lot or quit by Thanksgiving again, but there are a lot of nice people and nice family dynamics; it is fun to hear them exchange conversation in between the caseworking parts.

11. Blood and Oil. Like I said, I don't actually know anything about it. Plus, I mean, do I really need yet another Rugged Manly Guy on my list of people-to-star-in-the-books-I-read? My list is getting awfully unbalanced. I need more quietly smart, pacifist guys.

12. Code Black. Honestly, I'm really hoping that it turns out as bad as CSI: Cyber so I can walk away guilt-free after 2 hours on Mom & Daughter TV-Bonding Night.
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