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I'm savin' my money and that's a bargain

Yesterday I had the most wonderful thrift shopping experience at a Value Village. I had just finished browsing the dresses when I saw some other dresses across the way labeled "Halloween Dresses." Which were, for the most part, not so much costumes as a few prom/bridal dresses, and then ALL OF THE VINTAGE CLOTHING. It was the same story when I looked at the "Halloween Tops" and "Halloween Bottoms." A few genuine costume pieces (and a surprising number of corsets), and then a hella lot of handmade and/or vintage items. I was only able to take a few pics before my camera died, but I wanted to share them with you.

white top
I don't even know why this was in Halloween, as the brand is clearly a very-modernly-tagged INC, but I guess it would look neat with a Western-themed outfit/denim. I like the little clasp hooks in lieu of buttons, though it would take forever to do up/undo.

HEY SPEAKING OF WESTERN: haven't you always wanted a suede corset? it's only $1.99!
leather corset

This next skirt looks handmade, with the sewn-in tag, and I'm assuming it was made by a child who liked those colors, but I can't shake the feeling that it would also work very well as the bottom half of a clown costume.
frilly handmade

Also: Did not take a picture of it, but I found a plaid wool Pendleton skirt, which I know from Queen of Fifty Cents is a pretty good brand.

CROWNING GLORY OF THE DAY: I FIND A TARDIS DRESS (it has the Doctor Who merchandise brand and everything).

Too bad it was an XL, or I pretty definitely would have bought it. And maybe only worn it on Halloween weekend. BUT STILL. I never find neat specialty fandom merchandise at thrift stores!

I went to Goodwill as well, where I was tickled pink by this display of lime green footwear:

Honestly, I laugh, but if either of the sandals had been my size I might have bought one. They looked real comfy, and if my mom has managed to make mustard-yellow sandals work with all of her outfits, I'm sure I could have made these work.

Then I found shoes I like even better. I cannot justify spending another $16.50 on shoes at this point in time, assuming I use my 25% off coupon, but oh gosh, I just like both of these so much, and I've really really been wanting a pair of pink sandals. Plus the burnt-orange mules would go so nicely with that dress I posted the other day. I thought maybe taking pics and thinking about it for 24 hours might help me decide how badly I want them. I think I just really love the "hand made in California" part of the mules.


[Edit: I just got a 50%-off-one-item coupon. OH NO. The $15 price tag on the shoes is pretty much the most I ever spend on an item anyway, making this a good thing to use it on, but the coupon doesn't expire until Halloween. Would I regret it? Also, the pink shoes will be half off in 5 days if they make it that long, having already survived 3 weeks on the floor...but good shoes do not tend to stay until half-off-day, and I will probably not be able to get there until evening that day anyway, so never mind.]

[Eddit #2: I went back 2 days later and the California shoes were gone, but I used my 25%-off-total-purchase off coupon to get the sandals + another pair of sandals + a $2 grey plaid wool-blend pencil skirt for the same amount I would have spent to get both shoes above at half off.]

And then, this dress. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it was in Halloween -- the tag doesn't look that old, does it? -- but I have never in my life been sadder about not fitting into a dress. Not only was the cost a mere $4, but I noticed it as soon as I glanced at that section, and couldn't take my hands or eyes off it even on the rack. It was a size below what I normally wear in dresses, but also a size I can sometimes wear...only it was the junior equivalent, which sealed its impossibility. But I couldn't resist trying it on anyway.

Sure enough, it ALMOST fit. And once it was on I loved it even more. I just...couldn't zip it more than halfway up the back, no matter what I tried, and even in front the seams would look better with a smaller torso circumference. So instead I spent 20 minutes in the dressing room adoring it and took photos of it just so I could cry forever.
sorry for spoiling the effect with my clashing striped socks

I've even considered buying it anyway and packing it away, which I know wouldn't make sense because I might get too old for the dress before I fit, and if it did fit then a chunk of my current wardrobe would not.

I just love it SO MUCH. And this is coming from me, who has never worn anything strapless ever and has also professed extreme prejudice against anyone who has ever worn the style in any form of dress since she was old enough to notice what people wore, when they were in much better shape than the gal in this photo above.

However, as far as things I actually bought?

The most wonderful sundress (just in time for the season to be over).

green plaid sundress

I only tried it on for fun, thinking the color wouldn't work for me at all, but it DOES. It makes me look so tan. And the STYLE. The straps are detachable, though I will probably keep them on, and it zips up the side and has the best corset-like struture in the sides of the bodice keep it up, which has the bonus effect of making a bra unnecessary, which is a thing that is normally possible for me NEVER. It's really wonderful not to have the effect of the delicate green straps spoiled.

What I really like is that it's from The Loft, but it reminds me of a 60s/70s style. My mom said it's a lot like what she wore in high school ("and it was considered daring to reveal that much skin in school. I knew it was okay because my mom approved it and I wasn't trying to be scandalous, but all the lunch ladies would be whispering to each other").

In other news, I am too lazy to take selfies today, but the weather is rainy and I have dressed accordingly, dubbing myself "Walking Greyscale" in a white tank top, gray shrug and black broom skirt. But it's okay, I've dressed it up with a pop of color from my awesome breastbone-length lapis lazuli pendant necklace!
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