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In which I practice writing a fall television post.

Survivor, "Second Chances" premiere
Oh, this is going to be good.

VYTAS IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! And the alternate option was Abi-Maria, so what we've learned tonight is that so far these returning players know how to identify and what to do with bad seeds. I am very proud. And not a little upset that Shirin was the first to pinpoint exactly what I've been saying for years: Vytas seems "smarmy."

Best part of the night was watching the contrast between the two different yoga masters leading their people. WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Dark Yoga: smarmy and vaguely-evil looking, this bearded minion will creepily put his hands all over you under the guise of "improving technique," inspiring shudders of revulsion and risking sexual harassment suits from women everywhere!

California Yoga: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this beacon of light and optimism straight out of a Suave Shampoo commercial will joyfully teach you everything he knows...provided you can stop drooling over his physique long enough to focus.

New impressions of people:

  • Monica is cute, but also completely forgettable. I feel like she might fly udner the radar for a while, maybe land in Kelly W. territory

  • Blonde Kelly W. spoke more in this episode than in about her whole last season and she's wonderful

  • Original Kelly W. is also wonderful.

  • I'm torn between "Kimmi is actually someone my size and body shape and I enjoy watching her fearlessly flaunt a bikini," and "I feel like Kimmi is going to secondhand embarrass me with her gushing."

  • I definitely think I do not like Terry Deitz. He seems rather smug.

  • I don't remember Jeff at all, but my stars, he is THE MOST DELIGHTFUL HUMAN BEING. Everything he says is so charming!

  • Mystery Contestant Andrew Savage is also a surprisingly likable person

  • I really like Peih-Gee so far.

  • I can't remember a time when I didn't love Joe. I have completely fallen for his charm at this point. He's perfect.

  • Between going by "Fishbach" (which is tragically pronounced Fish Back) and continuing to have awful hair, I found myself regretting everything I said to talk Stephen up to my mom before thise episode started. Even his self-deprecating I-can't-compete-with-the-buff-guys comments had some real desperate shades of Cochran, and not the suave cool version. I desperately hope he gets his Overgrown Island Hair back ASAP. Even the beard would help.

In other news: I'm watching the first season of 2 Broke Girls that started in syndication this week, and it's SO different from the third season* that airs in the second half hour that I've had to just stop watching the latter because the drastic change for the worse hurts my soul.

I'll still enjoy season 5, but I really miss when Max and Caroline seemed like real people, instead of sarcastic/dirty quip machines tripping over themselves to make the most obnoxious pop-culture references in the process. Max in particular had all these layers of softness beneath her hard protective shell.

More importantly, though, the obnoxious Diner characters were extremely minimal and in the background, instead of being basically equal ensemble cast members. Again, I maintain that I like Sofie, but it is kind of magical not waiting for the inevitable moment she bursts through a door with her nasal greeting to a round of audience "woo!"ing.

*although, I am making an exception for "Kitty Kitty Spank Spank" in season 3 because THAT IS A GREAT EPISODE.
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