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It's Sunday night, I am curled up in my room  and since finishing work at about 1 PM on Friday (unprecedented!) and making a break for freedom a.k.a. the Half Price Books Clearance Event Sale, I've only been on the computer after 7 PM since I've been out DOIN' STUFF.

Friday Afternoon
4 hours at the book sale, then some time journaling

Caught up on sleep (11 hours!) -- sadly not waking up until after 11 AM -- and then meandered to garage sales on my way back to the book sale. I only looked around for about 90 minutes the second time, preferring to spend most of my time journaling in the pleasant atmosphere of the near-empty fairgrounds while sitting in perfect weather, 79 degrees F and sunny with a light breeze.

Brought Chris to the book sale, had lunch at cute diner, watched an episode of Parks & Rec and cuddled until I went home at 6, having spent almost 8 hours' total in each other's company.

Overall, I really like having the sale stretched over 3 days, especially with the quality of stock. I just had so much FUN browsing. There was maybe one Twilight book in sight, a plentiful number of hardcovers in with the paperbacks, an equally plentiful amount of YA rather than pure middle grade, and just tons of books I'd read and looked upon fondly without really feeling the urge to own.

If there was one disappointment, it was the CDs, since I think I've finally bought everything pre-2006 that I want and I need to wait for more music to age up. But even that's not really a bad thing; it was still fun to browse the soundtracks to see if anything pinged.

As for what I bought:


  • How I Met Your Mother, seasons 2 & 4

  • CSI, seasons 1-2

  • Friends, seasons 3-4

  • Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" concert, which I thought my dad might enjoy. (turns out he taped it on VHS, but since we don't have a working one of those hooked up right now, he'd definitely be interested in this.)

  • Mean Girls (FINALLY!)

Yet again, though, Enchanted has eluded me.

Also you should be very proud that I did not buy "Untraceable" just because Billy Burke is in it. I probably would have if it wasn't the one non-Twilight movie my library system actually has. (speaking of Twilight, did you know our system is down to a mere 2 copies of the original film? Considering their standard purchase order for super-popular films is 10-15, a great purge has ocurred.)


  • Grammy Nominees 2000, mostly because it's basically everything I secretly hope I will hear when I flip through my 5 radio stations that occasionally deign to play things 10-25 years old.

Chris found the LotR: Return of the King soundtrack, so I let him buy it with borrowing rights.

Also, I saw the Wicked soundtrack and was CRAZY EXCITED, because it appeared as if by magic when we were on our way out and Chris spotted something he thought he wanted in an abandoned pile on top of the boxes, but it turned out it was completely ruined, scratched to hell with something sticky on it. =/


  • The Venetian's Wife: Nick Bantock book of wonder and delight!

  • A Horse for XYZ: a beloved paperback from my childhood, when I read my best friend's copy, in this same Scholastic edition with the photo of a horse on the cover making it seem a cut above most Scholastic paperbacks.

  • The Saga of a Whitetail Deer: cool 1981 wildlife novel from a Minnesota author, inscribed by author, small publishing run

  • The Dog With Golden Eyes, Scholastic paperback I figured was worth having.

  • The Allegra Biscotti Collection: middle-grade novel purchased solely because a) it has darling rounded corners and more importantly b) there are amazing pink-accented sketches of clothing on basically every page!

  • Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me: my one YA novel of the pack.

  • The Lucky Shopping Manual: it's 12 years out of date, but you know what, I'm pretty sure the basics staples of building a wardrobe have not changed that much. It's a nice companion to my other Lucky book I bought a couple months back, and a beautiful flexicover.

  • The Children's Guide to Knowledge, this huge and heavy and completely unnecessary 1971 compendium of encyclopedia books, published by Parents Magazine, that was a bitch to haul around the first day and which I have nowhere to put and no earthly reason I needed to buy...but god, it has such beautiful painting illustrations of pets/wildlife plus accessibly-written text that I could not walk away.

Books & things I laughed at but did not buy:

  • Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody

  • Deal or No Deal scratch-and-play

  • So much erotica. Which HPB is totally fine with advertising they sell, so I'm glad it at least didn't end up on the middle grade/YA tables. Some non-YA books do.

  • How "James Patterson" was his own category (seriously, the sign was like "FICTION: romance, literature, action/adventure, James Patterson")

Total spent: ...almost $30, which makes me a cringe a little. More than half of it was on DVDs, which I bought mainly because I've been wanting to have them at hand for years and I'm never going to find them cheaper, but it's still hard to see the cost of purchasing them all at once.

In other news, you know what's amazing? Pepperidge Farm's Mint Chocolate Brownie cookies. They honestly taste like brownies shaped into circles, and they're stuffed with mint chocolate chips.

You know what else was amazing? The lunar eclipse. Couldn't really see it from inside or the yard due to the placement of trees, but I had a perfect view sitting on our front bank. And while you don't normaly hang out on the front bank, on account of it being between a row of privacy hedges and the sidewalk while facing a busy 40MPH street, being Sunday night the traffic was relatively minimal and it was very peaceful and pleasant out there, with the bank at pretty much the perfect angle for sitting with your hands back but not sliding down.
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