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Oh goody.

[September 2015 Note: this is a backdated version of what was originally just saved on my computer on this date. Wording has not been changed.]

Two seconds in the Castle tag on Tumblr and I am right back in the same type of spoiler hell Glee put me through for the last three summers.

As much as it sucked being behind for three years, I think part of me also always knew that being behind was safe. The only season I watched in real time was 4, and even then I started to get antsy by spring when they hadn't moved forward on their feelings. I didn't mean to fall behind on the show, but once I did, not being there until a year or two after the fact meant I knew I didn't have to worry when Bekett kept asking "where are we going?", didn't have to fret and wonder when the awful D.C. arc would end or when Pie Brain would go away, didn't have to scream and throw things at the season 6 finale, and even knew when they would get married for real.

And now I've got people buzzing in my ear about a pending breakup due to some blind item that fits their description, and I can't argue it because I literally can't think of any other stable longterm couples on network television, and the premiere is still almost three long months away and if I lose them then this is it, this is IT for couples whose love I believe in on TV. They are the last great champions of love. I can't be my only role model, that's nuts.

How is this even going to happen? They've been best friends for seven (or least six) years. They have not had a genuine fight since they started dating. They are freaking MARRIED. How you gonna break them up to "invigorate" the show?

Speaking of, how many current Castle fans you know who are like "yeah the show's been really boring since they started kissing and cuddling in every episode; I hatewatch every week hoping they'll stop." NO. We weeded those fans out halfway through season 5 and are now a mighty gale force of shipping like no fanbase I have ever seen. Literally none. I have never seen a single show's fanbase so united in shipping a canon couple. I'm pretty sure we even put up a good fight against the Supernatural shippers.


Additionally, new co-showrunner Alexi Hawley said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that things would be shaken up in season 8.

FUCK I knew we were in for it when Marlowe said he was stepping away. Listen, I didn't watch Gilmore Girls, but I think we all saw what happened when its champion left. UNGOOD THINGS. Also, would you look at the shit New Guy's been up to in the meantime? The Following. I don't trust anyone whose helped make The Following happen. Also, of the three episodes of Castle he's written that I recognize (To Love and Die in L.A., Kill Shot, Headhunters), the last two were pret-ty terribly boring.

I do not feel good about this.
Tags: castle, speculation, spoilers

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