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You were king of this club, now you're wearing no crown.

Welp. Thanks, LJ homepage, for spoiling Castle for me.

I mean, there wasn't much hope after "NOT COOL TBH" and "#CASTLE NOPE," but I had to stab myself by clicking on the post anyway. At least I know now that I was right not to catch up and that I can flounce until I am either assured it's worth continuing or assured I can pack up my two unspent episodes and go home for good. Unbelievable.

And while the post was vague enough that I am not quite clear on the severity of this breakup (like, did they actually make divorce noises, or just have a fight, or somewhere in the middle?) or even what happened...just so you know, I'm not sitting through another Glee eternity of "will my OTP get back together by Christmas? Valentine's? The end of this year? NEXT YEAR??" torture fest. You get three more episodes and then your lesson better be learned or I'm out.

I'm assuming it's not going to the CSI place, but honestly, who knows what kind of jackass the new showrunner is. I heard some reassuring noises earlier this summer when I was testing fandom reaction to the news, but clearly those people were naive fools. I also heard some noises that Stana was the one who dragged her heels on re-signing and that she wanted to make sure her character was being treated right, so I would LIKE to believe that she knows what she's doing, but I don't even know if I can trust actors to choose shipping over dramatic chances to stretch their acting chops, even if they once did.

Frankly I was pretty content just stewing in grumpy stew about Gates being dropped between seasons. I wanted that to be the worst it got.

It's almost enough to make you miss alien brain control, other woman and all, where at least one member of the 'ship still has faith they can save you.

P.S. I found a post on my computer about the spoilers back in July that I held off on posting to LJ in case it turned out to be overly histrionic and unfounded, but I think it should probably see the light of day now, for context.

P.P.S. Please remind me that I want to use Sara Bareilles lyrics from "King of Anything" for related posts on the new showrunner/any other spoilers I might need to yell about in the future.

My fave so far: But you expect me to jump up on board with you / And ride off into your delusional sunset

Edit #1: from TV Line headline, I'm not reading any farther: Castle bosses defend bold twist, review 'Caskett' Version 2.0, trust fans "will be pleasantly surprised."

*sarcastic Chandler laugh* Granted I've been pleasantly surprised post-breakup/other obstacles on CSI*, NCIS: LA, and The Big Bang Theory, but I JUST don't think I have it in me to feel that way about Castle. Also I see something about how by the end of the fall finale there's another "shift," and all I have to say is someone important better being dying or whichever one of the couple instigated the split better come WAY CLOSER TO DYING than ever before, which may not even be possible. My emotional appeasement requires ritual sacrifice to be reactiveated after this level of betrayal**.

*the first time
**I saw how bad it is. The-part-of-season-2-HIMYM-we-don't-talk-about bad.
**I will also accept "whoops turns out I'm pregnant" as an emergency catalyst. For maximum effect, wrap it in a life-endangerment package. I'm just saying, I'm trying to work with you here.
Tags: castle, lyrical post titles, speculation, spoilers, thou hast betrayed me

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