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I'm poking around in old Revolution posts around the internet in search of illustrations for my highlight reel post, and so far it appears that this fandom hated Rachel, haaaated her, especially in season 2 because she took Miles away from Bass and Charlie to create a better show. Now I'm kind of glad I fell behind and got to enjoy it in my own personal happiness bubble. (Seriously, how you not declare Rachel in your top three characters is...beyond me.)
NCIS, 13x02, "Personal Day"
* What changes have occurred in his appearance? I feel like people keep telling me Gibbs' hair is longer, which I'm all on board with, but I am too dumb to see a difference. And I'm 3 feet away from the screen, too; this isn't an across-the-room-on-my-computer-monitor situation.

* Abby's SOLID BUBBLEGUM-PINK DRESS. I couldn't believe my eyes. That was so cute!

* Gibbs' very charming smile upon hearing that Abby was tottering about on her platform shoes when she put her hands up in the air (like the song told her to) and smacked her fingers into the disco ball, hence the sprain: "I didn't even know that was a thing." / "What?" / "Any of it."

* Realistic flies around the body today. That's new.

* Loved the elevator talk. Tony is still trying so very to protect him and all he's getting in return is, "You think you know everything. You don't."

* Aww on Gibbs backing McGee up, telling him he did the right thing in taking the shot. He's not usually so direct about reassuring them on the job. That's the first change I've seen all night.

* Ducky: If nothing else...I am the Incisionator.

* Loved his & Abby's complimentary "I love your rambling but I must interrupt" moments.

* Always happy whenever Tony issues a "campfire" order. I'm okay with that being his trademark Leader move forevermore. It brings me back.

* Loved Tony finally getting angry enough to physically stop Gibbs from leaving Autopsy, throwing truth bombs until he admits to something, like idk, maybe that this random cop is the son of the man who died trying to take Shannon & Kelly somewhere safe**, and also GIBBS PLEASE DON'T PULL ANY STUPID COWBOY ANTICS. PEOPLE LOVE YOU. DON'T MAKE US NON-ABBY FOLK SAY IT.

**On that note, even with clarifications for the new audience, this show is asking a lot of my recall for a fairly bland series. Who do you think you are, Glee? Now, because it's Shannon and Kelly circa season 3 I will ALWAYS remember, and delight in it, but anything else more than a year old would be a level of detail beyond my grasp. I admire fans who can keep it straight.

* Tony bringing Gibbs a garment bag for his fancy new clothes' travels. <3

-Reference for future me: the title ultimately reflects Gibbs taking one to go to California to help Random Agent scatter his father's ashes.

* Aaaand I definitely cried when they showed us that stupid fountain/birdbath in the old house in California with the family handprints. It takes literally nothing to make me weepy about physical reminders of deceased loved ones, but that was still well done.

NOLA: It occurred to me, watching the two women gang up on LaSalle to rag on him about having a date (LIKE SISTERS DO), that I have never seen women outnumber the men in non-supervisory main cast positions on a crime show, and it is wonderful. I wonder if LaSalle will ever have occasion to grumble to himself about how two years ago it was a boys club partnership and now he is being henpecked. For the time being, I'm pretty happy with his constant City Mouse/Country Mouse teasing with New Gal Percy (Sonja).
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