RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I should really just have a book blog.

1. I saw this wonderful book (Dogs Rough and Smooth) at Half Price today and I made immediate grabby hands even though I've never heard of it. The HPB price is $35, which is way better than anything online ($50 and up plus shipping, though this one has no jacket), and I even have a 15% off coupon, but I can't spend that much on a book I don't already love, even if I'm 88% sure I will end up loving it. I'm hoping HPB has a new round of high-end holiday coupons soon.

2. I also saw Winter of the Fisher at a garage sale and I was SO DELIGHTED because it's been killing me not to have it ever since I had to pass it up for being in crappy shape at a library sale (that was before I'd even read it -- I just thought it looked good, and when I requested a library copy later it was in fact SO GOOD). Too bad I opened this one and promptly pterodactyl-screeched in rage to see it had the same mildew issues as the first one.

3. I have a "books I want to own" shelf on Goodreads now, so I haven't updated my computer document book wishlist since about 2011. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many books I either have or no longer want -- several of which I've even seen at sales and deliberately decided were not worth room I could be using to house other treasure books. I ended up doing a near complete overhaul. Granted, the list is now twice as long and almost entirely different books...but you know, it's good to have goals.

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