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"I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to leave."

1. I have successfully gotten my parents (or at least my mom, and my dad hasn't left the room while it's on yet) hooked on Revolution. We are four episodes in and my mind is still blown by Charlie's complete innocence and naive optimism about the inherent goodness that surely must be in the world. I also forgot that it took all of three episodes before Miles was tackling her to the ground to shield her from explosions, so I am pretty happy on that front.

2. On a similar note (PSYCH, everyone on the homepage who thought this was a Revolution post!), I got Gilmore Girls out of the library to watch the Alex Lesman-inclusive episodes [I Solemnly Swear, Lorelai Out of Water, Swan Song]. I've finished 2 out of 3, saving the last one for a later treat.

Now more than ever I'm baffled as to how he is not endgame. Or at the very least, why he is not a super-serious relationship that lasts a year or two and/or maybe results in a marriage (no that's too mean) engagement that ends only because the Luke/Lorelai ~soulmatehood~ cannot be denied.

(Yeah, I couldn't take the anxiety anymore so I looked up the short summary of how that latter ship rolls out. SWEET ENOLA GAY why would anyone do ANY OF THOSE SEASON SEVEN THINGS.)

Look at him and his instant charming rapport with Rory! I dunno about you, but I would not feel super benevolent toward strange men standing in my kitchen at dawn while I am in my pajamas and bathrobe half asleep, mom-approved or not. But there they are, all "your mom's never been fishing before, huh?" / ", she's a...well seasoned fish-killer." / "Uh-huh." and in response to getting approval for the back-up lunch reservations, "Good. Go back to sleep."

Why can't I this happen every morning? I want this world so much. I am willing to endgame Jess/Rory if that's the best way to keep Luke around as the father figure he needs to be for her despite the fact that I am WAY more enchanted by Alex's stepdad possibility. Plus he comes with kids. Kids Rory could delight me by babysitting and then being the Cool Aunt for the girl when she's a little older.

(apparently Luke-the-idiot has one of those awful popped-out-of-the-woodwork kids, so it's not even like it would taint the magic of her being an only child)

I mean, based on the first 2-3 date ideas alone, he is clearly a romance ninja who would only get better with time.

It is entirely possible I have not actually considered Lorelai's chemistry with him, but then again, is that really the most important question here.

Part II
Anyway, because I was a good girl and actually watched entire episodes instead of just skipping through for the choicest bits, and these are the first episodes I've seen since a few afternoon reruns ten years ago in college, let me record some thoughts on other people:

  • I would love Jess WAY MORE if that guy's face had not been ruined for me on Heroes first. Alas, that's the only way I've ever seen him. He has some pretty great hair, and I had NO idea he was Luke's nephew, and most importantly of all, I've never before seen a bad boy under the age of 25 who wasn't also completely scuzzy and gross like Puck on Glee. This would be helpful for YA novels.

  • Melissa McCarthy has such a magically youthful face that from the moment I found out she was a "best friend" role on Gilmore Girls, all the way until today, I was honestly under the assumption that she was Rory's friend.

  • She also somehow EVEN MORE darling and charming than I expected. Sookie is officially my favorite character in all the land. Even more than Alex. "I'm a whore!" has never been said more adorably.

  • Emily Gilmore is who I want to be when I grow up. I do not think I could love her snooty judgment more. Listen, when you pay for first class service, you expect to get what you pay for; we do not see what the big deal is about that.

  • Paris and Rory and Paris/Rory are all extremely charming delights

  • Every time the theme song starts, I just want to squeeze hug the nearest pillow and squeal out my happiness. It's just so SOLID and WHOLESOME and why does this channel no longer exist.

  • I know there are parts of the series where Rory will sadden and anger me -- like, a lot of parts, where I will despair in the pit of despair normally reserved for the fact that Max Black only exists in the show "2 Broke Girls" -- but since we're not currently in any of those parts, I just think she is wonderful and I cherish every sight of her.

  • I am so weirded out by Luke's voice. I had built up one voice in my head based on years of captioned gifsets, because I don't actually remember him talking, and now it's throwing me off.

  • I never actually thought about what Lorelai's job might be. In my head she just professionally hangs out at Luke's diner to help drum up business. Does she really work in/eventually possibly co-own an inn? That is SO COOL.

  • Also what, WHAT, what, no one ever told me Adam Brody was involved in this! I am pretty neutral with positive inclinations on Lane so far but HELLO, DAVE.

Lastly: upon careful consideration and discovering that April is played by FAVE CHILD ACTRESS VANESSA MARANO, I think there is probably no limit to the number of teenagers I would enjoy seeing Luke reluctantly parent, so I could have handled the woodwork-kid twist, but man. Season 6 finale and beyond. I've always known it was legendarily terrible, but I never knew exactly why it was terrible.

P.S. Nope, one more thing, I just remembered that Sugar a.k.a. Jessica Kiper a.k.a. Shane is on four episodes of this show and conveniently, they are ALSO IN THIS SEASON so that's my next project.
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