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Number of "Pirates 3" reviews I've resisted on my flist so far: 5 6

I am not spoiling myself.  Not not not.  Have seen kiss in previews already, which is really all I need. (Also have supposed chunk of script excerpt posted on IMDB several months ago that I am 98% sure is at least partly fake, but which I have read several times over)
Voice: You know, I am pretty sure that last bit counts as "spoiling yourself."
RS: Not if it isn't true!  Hence my refusal to read personal reviews and find out.

I will not be seeing the movie for a good 2 weeks, because I don't CARE if all the local theaters are showing it a hundred times a day, for a movie this popular I am convinced that even a weekday matinee will be too crowded for comfort any sooner than that.  I am not a fan of having to sit in the very front row, thank-you-very-much Night at the Museum crowd.  And Harry Potter 4.  And King Kong.  God, you'd think I would have learned from my mistakes more quickly. 

Still, I think it'll be fantastic, which is why it's earned one of my movie-going slots for 2007.  I think I've mentioned this several times by now, but I feel like reiterating it - I give myself exactly 4 vists to the movie theater per calendar year.
The reasons for this are threefold:
1) because it is a point of pride that I will never pay to see a movie that isn't absolutely fantastically awesome (unless I am forced into it, which makes me grumpy, because that counts as using one of my 4 slots.).  It does not matter if someone else pays; the point of pride really lies more in the fact that I know which movies I will love and which ones are not good enough.  And because it is a challenge to choose the best 4 of a given year.
2) movies are expensive.  They're worth it, but only if you stick to fantastically awesome ones, and also if you follow my subset rules, which are
    a) No buying food or drink because really, your brain is getting a treat so your stomach shouldn't need one too
    b) Only attending matinee showings.  No movie is worth the price of an evening ticket
3) every time I walk into a movie theater, I feel a little sense of awe.  It's still magical, like when you were a little kid and woke up on Christmas morning, and I keep that sense of magic and wonder by only going a few times a year.

The other movies I've reserved (and have had reserved since 2006) are Harry Potter 5, because you can't not see HP in theaters, and The Simpsons movie (because it is THE SIMPSONS!  On a giant screen!  With new material!  For much longer than half an hour at a time!).  This leaves me fretting because I couldn't decide whether to spend my 4th slot in the first half of the year, or wait and see if something better came out around the holidays.  Pan's Labyrinth looked cool, but c'mon, it was January.  Way too early to decide; what if I used up my spare slot and then kicked myself for it in October?  And now, of course, I'm afraid that nothing better is going to come along, and I'm a bit OCD in the way I get edgy if I don't pick out exactly 4 movies every year.  Anyone have any suggestions? 
*Please don't suggest Shrek, on which I had to waste one of my 2004 trips.  I will hurt you.



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May. 27th, 2007 04:34 am (UTC)
When given the choice, I always go to matinees, because like you said, it's the same movie, why would I pay more? But I've gone to non-matinees when with friends. Lucky for me, the local theater has a student discount on non-matinees, so it's only a dollar more. But I do try to avoid them.

I hate sitting in the front row. I did for Blackhawk Down and got to see a giant amputation. Fun!

We didn't have much of a choice for seats today, even though we got there 15 minutes early and it was showing 28 times. But lucky there were only 2 of us, so we got decent seats and didn't have to sit up front.
May. 27th, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)
Front row seats for amputations...*grimace* sounds lovely.

Now I'm actually waffling back and forth on whether or not I shoud risk trying to see it sometime next week, hoping if I go to one of the more remote theaters it'll be a bit less busy. Ah, decisions, decisions.
May. 27th, 2007 09:51 pm (UTC)
I ended up in the front row when I went to see Pirates, because the theater was packed to capacity even a half-hour before the show. So yes, I'd hold off a bit if you want to avoid the neck strain and weird distortion.

If Pan's Labrynth were still in theaters, I would vote for that as your fourth movie of the year without a second thought. Now, I think the only movie I'm really excited about is Ratatouille, since I am deeply in love with Pixar and it's directed by Brad Bird. So that's my suggestion.
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