RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Life's Little Annoyances

1. Chris Carter is talking about why he does the things he does again.
"we wanted to stay true to the passage of time" bitch where, in Hollywood? It's been SEVEN YEARS. Twin Peaks is the one coming back from 2+ decades of hiatus.

2. I love when people don't capitialize the street name in their address, but think they should definitely describe how upon delivery, the driver took the Pizza out of the Pizza Bag. And it was made correctly, with White Sauce and Black Olives.

3. Later I visited TV Line again, apparently not having learned my lesson, and this is the sight I saw. Like, come on.
[it's kinda spoilery so you should only click if you are willing to read anything TV Line publishes.]
“I think I’ll go check TV Line. That sounds like a fun idea.”

Just...why are you the way that you are.

Tags: castle, spoilers, x-files

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