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I have had just a really miserably awful weekend, so I'm going to spend my small amount of remaining time writing about the one thing that made me happy today.

Gilmore Girls, 3x14, "Swan Song"

New favorite!!

If anyone thought this episode was going to maybe cool my Alex/Lorelai shipping jets/convince me to let it go, they are SEVERELY MISTAKEN. That guy. That guy is just infinitely charming and perfect and amusing, and it appears that she's having a genuinely great time with him that could very easily develop into something deeper with time (he is clearly smitten), so WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH DID HE JUST KIND OF FIZZLE OUT OF THE PICTURE?*

If it's because you only ever intended to have him for 3 episodes, then you really should not have left things on such a happy note after an episode full of smooching. If I have learned one thing about real-life relationshipping it's that if you can handle an overnight trip with a long-ish drive included and be happy from start to finish, it is a good sign.

[*Edit after poking around the Wiki some more: "The moment when the two of them stop seeing each other is not portrayed in the series, but Lorelai kind of confides her cold feelings about her relationship with Alex to best friend Sookie." ugh I knew it. But again, why. That is not what I saw by the end.]

Besides, he makes faces like this

while patiently reminding her that on the drive up, she made him promise to stop her if she tried to call Rory for the wrong reasons. And yes, he's aware there is this boy. Unfazed.


Basically all ready to go on vacation together, right??

I can't even handle all of my delight with Rory accidentally opening a door on them making out on the doorstep or her scolding him about how he was strictly warned to keep her mom on a feeding scheduling. Also, I'm so glad I got this on DVD because there is a deleted scene and YOU GUESSED IT, it features Alex interacting with both of them. And also Rory & Lorelai being adorable together, the former reluctantly being the latter's window scout. "Now he thinks I'm somebody who enjoys waving at people cutely before I open the door for them."

I am now positively spinning out as I imagine AUs and tweaks to this series that allow this couple to become endgame. Failing that, it looks like it's back to the cookie-cutter romance novel bin until I find one whose parameters sufficiently match. These are pretty standard character tropes; it shouldn't be too hard. I hate that I know this, but the fanfic world is just not filling the gaps the way it used to. I had no choice but to go pro.


Jess Mariano
Aw, dang it. I think I'm under his spell, minus a few weirdly controlling how dare you be seen talking with your ex and not immediately tell me about it vibes. That was quick. But they have a lot of very pretty kissing in this episode, plus I was not previously aware he was also a voracious reader and technically smart. I can roll with that.

I especially enjoyed Lorelai blundering into the scene upstairs and subsequently freaking out that he & Rory hang out horizontally on unsupervised couches with Luke's approval (approval contingent on him casually interrupting them every ten minutes). I don't even know which part of that sentence I liked best,

I also greatly enjoyed Luke getting his "listen up tough guy, you are going to get parented, deal with it" mode on at the end to demand answers for this black eye business.

Assorted Storylines & Characters
-This is the first time I've seen Dean in action, and I know enough about how he will come back into the picture to hate him on sight. I think maybe if I did not know his face from 11 years of hating Supernatural first, I'd probably like him -- at least when he was her boyfriend -- but I also sense if I'd watched this show in real time I would have been distraught that she'd leave a guy like that for a guy like Jess. I'll put a cautious pin in him as "someone I could maybe tolerate." The one benefit to not loving any of Rory's boyfriends is that the show achieves that perfect and rare note of writing relationships that are enjoyable to watch while they last, but okay to see end.

-Rory helping her mom pick out outfits . <3

-I think I might want to marry Sookie. A Boston marriage, but still.

-AU Seth Cohen continues to be incredibly charming, Mrs. Kim continues to be terrifingly and awesomely severe, and the dimmer members of the band prove accidentally hilarious. "You're a Christian??"

Fashion Break
Can we talk about THIS WONDERFUL SKIRT?

Is it convenient that Jess is also in this shot, reading an old book? Maybe. Also, yesterday my boyfriend and I unintentionally wore the leather jacket/jean jacket combo in reverse, and I almost wanted to tweet about how complementary we looked, so I approve this combo here.

I have been dreaming of a long-ish suede skirt for several months now, and I kind of want it to look exactly like this. I could not take my eyes off this skirt. Surprised how good it looks with a sheepskin jacket, too. I am not crazy about the sneaker-like lacing on these particular boots, but they at least give you an idea of how great tall brown boots would look with this ensemble.
And that's not even considering what's underneath the coat, this stunning peasant top with the bell sleeves and front lacing. Every time someone uses the phrase "early 2000s fashion" like it's a bad thing I am always baffled because a) most of it looked like everything today, only better because there were no skinny jeans or leggings, and b) look at how adorable this stuff is.

I'm kinda liking the cut of Lorelai's coat in the van pic too, even though the shag carpet trim does no one any favors. And her plum blazer is on point.

More pictures! Capture EVERY ANGLE.
P.S. Look at this show's lighting. It's just...magically perfect. I didn't have to adjust anything in Photoshop at all, at least for my screen.

And then there's this fabulous exchange in which Lorelai is literally me:

Lorelai: I have nothing stylish enough.
Luke: You've got the black cashmere coat.
Lorelai: But it needs cleaning.
Luke: So clean it.
Lorelai: But I need sweaters, too.
Luke: You've got the purple, you've got the powder blue, you've got 3 shades of red, you've got a ton of black -- all of which will go with that coat -- plus, you've got a dozen scarves to mix and match with any of those tops.
Lorelai: Let me shop for some clothes.

(there is no punctuation to accurately capture the magnificently indignant tone with which she says that. Incidentally, this is why my collection of shrugs and open-front cardigans now comes in 14 shades.)

I did a quick scattershot search into the void to see if I could come up with the reasoning behind Alex only having a 3-episode arc, which I did not, but I did find a bit about how Burke got it, which is part of a larger article that is basically the WORLD'S BEST THING*, asking him to reflect on various other characters he's played over the years.

It goes back to Dill Scallion. Lauren Graham and I had known each other for a long, long time, and she’d been doing Gilmore Girls for a while at that point, but a role came up on the show and… I think she asked her producer about me; then she called me up and said, “Hey, would you consider coming and doing a role on the show?” And I said, “Of course.” I love Lauren Graham. Love her to death. She’d always been one of my favorite people and favorite actors, so working with her on that was nothing but a joy.

*Remember when Past Me was all jokingly "does he play a doctor too?" The answer is yes. An abrasive possibly-asshole doctor of psychiatric conditions in a mental institution, but same difference. If you need me I'll be looking at all the clips of Wonderland I can find, because I'm pretty sure the internet doesn't have full episodes, and delighting in the smoother sound of his Year 2000 voice.

Edit: I forgot I hadn't watched the last 3 minutes of the episode before I started writing this post. Happy mood over, because oh BOY does Rory just have my ire all up with her "I'm not actually too busy to think about It."

I wasted two hours writing and rewriting an Angry Rant before deciding to just summarize it with "this is why I don't watch shows featuring teenagers." Way back when she actually lost her virginity, it was a big enough TV news story that it reached my ears, and I was promptly grossed out/have tried to forget and/or divorce this information from my shining fondness of Rory The Perfect ever since. Today was a setback.

The other fun thing I did was watch a 10-minute DVD extra from the end of the Twilight series discussing the character of Charlie Swann, heedless of all the scenes it would spoil. I really dig him talking about characters; it's always genuinely interesting instead of feeling like a contractual obligation or awkward fumbling to try and meet the interviewer's level of enthusiasm. Bonus, Kristen Stewart genuinely smiles a few times and it's BIZARRE. I've never actually seen her look or sound happy? Including in candid photos and other interviews.
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