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You were the girl who came with the sunrise / Long brown hair, and emerald eyes

1. I have listened to Echosmith's CD like 18 times this month, out of sheer boredom with all the CDs I own that I can find, even though I don't especially adore any track on its own. I think it's because it's...IDK, weirdly like if a YA novel were turned into a CD. The addition of Dude Voices has made it impossible to hear Taylor Swift beyond that one song, but I've become okay with that. And I don't even know most of the words to most of the songs, just a few key phrases. "YA Novel" is just the feeling I get from the overall sound.

Only I still can't figure out how "Cool Kids" was the one that made people say "yes that should definitely be what goes on the radio." It's a great song, I just don't get how people recognized it as such. (also, I kind of...don't love it as much as I should. I love the verses, but they make the chorus sound really dumb and pathetic by comparison. It's like the verses are from a teenager, but the chorus is from an elementary school kid.)

2. Talking of music, this is a very fine Miles/Rachel fanvid: Don't Deserve You. A well-chosen song, ideal lyrics combined with excellently placed imagery and accent dialogue, and one of those rare times that shortening the song to 2 minutes and change makes the vid more effective.
[perhaps I'll just embed it here too]

3. I keep forgetting to mention this, but ZOO IS IS OFFICIALLY RENEWED (and on Netflix, if that's relevant to your interests). Which means at some point before Christmas I really need to write my pair of mega review posts, because you know the second they start filming I'm going to be banging down internet doors in search of every tiny spoiler scrap and driving myself nuts.

4. I haven't been watching any new TV because we're now a Two Hours of Revolution A Night family and will continue to be for roughly the next 10 days, except episode 3 of Survivor. As far as chopping up the tribes from 2 to 3, I think that sounds like exactly the kind of thing that always magically happens to save Spencer at the last minute, but I'm cool with it. Especially because Tasha used her continued underdog status to flip all the scripts and save her butt from being booted out as a number in the minority subsection.

I am pretty upset it resulted in yet another person being booted for failing to kowtow to Abi, and that that person had to be PG who (bless her heart) was actually STILL TRYING TO MAKE THAT WORK and instead got the worst of all possible worlds. (flashing back to China when she got kicked out at the last minute while freakin' Denise and that weasel Todd and the relatively nice but so bland and uninteresting by comparison Amanda got to the end)

My only solace is knowing that somewhere out there, a part of Abi that is not completely stupid must be sitting at home now and realizing that most people can't stand her and anyone who says otherwise is most likely lying to her face for ulterior motives, or at the very least just to avoid having to deal with her any longer than they have to. I have never wanted to really crush a person's spirit more.

Seriously, look at my gal's exit interview.
It was very difficult playing with someone who decides from the start that they hate you for really no reason.

That said, I really am delighted with Tasha for just getting in there like a scrappy terrier and calling Jim out/blowing his alliance all to hell in a way that instantly took the target off her back, without even having to think about it. She saw an opportunity even I wasn't paying attention to, and that is why she's one of the great ones.
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