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Ranking the Seasons, Parts 9 & 10: Numb3rs & Doctor Who

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite.

Previously on this meme: CSI.


Season 4: So much Charlie/Amita, and one of my favorite episodes (Primacy). I can never truly decide if I like 4 or 5 better, and usually end up favoring this one to compensate for Krumholtz's weight gain in the next year. Plus it has a lot of really warm tones, whereas season 5 is all about those dark shadows and blues, lighting-wise.

Season 5: Equally much Charmita, and my other favorite episode (Angels and Devils). BONUS: Nikki, who tough-talks with the best of 'em.

Season 3: Megan/Larry AND Charmita, though less of the latter. Who ever told you this was a show about crime-solving?

Season 2: Brothers! Megan!

Season 6: not enough Charmita relative to this point in the show's canon, even with all the wedding talk, especially paired with several weak cases. Also not enough Larry. But I do enjoy the Don/Robin of it all.

Season 1: Who is this painfully socially inept Charlie and also this terrible non-Megan woman on the team. Honestly, I try to forget this half-season even exists.

Doctor Who
This one's easy because there are only 4 seasons. (ONLY FOUR) I just wanted to get it down in an official list.

Season 4: I feel like a straight up blood traitor saying this, but Donna was just such a FUN companion, and she really made the plots come alive, convincing me to watch full episodes more than once. Also, I mean, technically there is still some Ten/Rose.
Season 2: ROSE. Rose is my heart and Ten/Rose is the entire point of this show.
Season 3: This season has the highest percentage of quality scripts. However, it has no Rose.
Season 1: Some good episodes, plus MOAR ROSE (with her super pretty long hair!), though in my heart I just don't feel feelings about Nine.

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