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Canon meme

Make a list of [insert # here, say 10-25] things which comprise your personal canon for [insert fandom here]

The meme looked fun when everybody else did it *cough* 2 weeks ago. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything, because I am really not that imaginative and my rather stunted collection of fiction does not include a whole lot of details that I like to believe hold true outside of the stories in which they appear. However, I've had it in the back of my mind for a few days, and since 11 PM-5 AM is primetime for my creative muscles to unlock, my fingers started typing. Lo and behold, I've come up with things. Some of them might even kickstart my ficcing drive. (hah)

I was torn between being poetic and flippant in writing these, so mostly what you get is an odd sort of mixture of the two styles. (Except for #15. That one is just plain flippant, though I'm not entirely convinced I'm not right)

My Thoughts - in no particular order except that in which they rise to my mind.
1. Sara still keeps her own apartment, but home is more often than not Grissom's townhouse. Sara's the one who convinced him they should get a dog, despite his initial resistance, but said dog has since attached himself to Grissom's side. This doesn't irk her as much as it used to, although she thinks a little more loyalty now and again would be nice.

2. As a general rule, Sara does not address him as Gil. "Gil" is reserved for Brass and Catherine, friends who've known him forever. She fell in love with Grissom, and the way she says it carries its own particular intimacy. Contrary to popular belief, this is possible; after all, Scully never called Mulder 'Fox.' [disclaimer: this may be because "Fox" is the most awkward name a person could be saddled with, no matter how hot they are, but that would ruin my proof.]

3. With regards to the pinto Lindsay got for her 16th birthday, what she failed to mention was that it happened to be of the equine variety.

4. In that line of thought, Lindsay is very much a horsewoman at heart, and it's one of the things she misses most about Montana. Despite that, she has not been on a carriage ride, because those horses just look sad. Danny will get an earful if he ever suggests it (although he is unlikely to. Far too conventionally romantic for him).

5. Danny did, in fact, own the little dog used in "Not What It Looks Like." And now he owns two, having provided a home for the white ragamuffin in "Obsession." The darn thing just looked too pitiful being led away by animal control.

6. Mac occasionally regrets having gotten rid of all of Claire's things, moreso now that he's met Reed.

7. Claire does have a memorial marker, somewhere. Lack of a body does not prevent one from having a gravesite, nor a funeral.

8. Louie is alive, albeit in a comatose state. The chances that he'll recover are slim, but as long as there's a chance, Danny figures he owes him that much.

9. Calleigh's father was not the mean and/or abusive drunk that fandom frequently likes to portray him as, but more of the weepy/apologetic/sorry-I-missed-your-graduation drunk.

10. If Grissom just hadn't held her hand, Sara might have been more open to Greg's advances that year.

11. Killing Riaz haunts Eric more than it does Horatio, even though the knife wasn't in his hand. By making the trip he'd sanctioned the action, and he discovered too late that he doesn't have quite the same threshold for guilt as his boss.

12. Horatio has a house, not an apartment. The latter might be more practical given how little time he spends at home, but he needs the quiet and solitude of his own residence, a refuge that a building full of other people can never quite provide.

13. Nick's abduction was the impetus that kicked Grissom into action with regards to Sara, however cliche that might be. She accepted knowing he wouldn't live up to her expectations, but that didn't stop her from being frustrated over his inadequecies. They had a rocky start and almost didn't get off the ground, but something like stubborness got them past their initial issues. And though they haven't said it in so many words, by now they both think this might be permanent.

14. Valera has a bit of a crush on Horatio that might more properly be defined as hero-worship, but either way it's enough to make her nervous when they're in the same room.

15. Steroids are to blame for Ryan's post-season-3 muscle growth and anger issues. It's only a matter of time before they address this as another one of his vices.

16. Nick always assumed he'd be married by 30, with a house and a fenced yard, a kid or two and a Golden Retriever. He's not quite sure how that plan got derailed, but hasn't given up on the American Dream, even if he has to leave Vegas to find it. That second option has been surfacing in his thoughts more and more often lately. It is not a midlife crisis, no matter what Warrick says.

17. Danny and Lindsay did not have sex on the pool table. I'm sorry, but that is a detail I have to block from memory if you want to convince me their first time was romantic and not completely inebriated.

18. Once a year, Gibbs flips through Kate's sketchbook and gives her a proper salute. The rest of the year it stays locked in a drawer; regret works too much like an acid if dwelt upon.

19. Abby isn't attracted to Gibbs, not really; it's not to say that she hasn't entertained the thought, but she likes what they have. All the same, Gibbs is hers, and she can't help but be a little jealous whenever she sees him with a new woman. She doesn't say it, but part of her is always afraid there will come a time when he no longer drops the odd kiss on her cheek or temple, and losing that would be more painful than any breakup.

20. Hodges keeps an office blog. No one else is actually aware of its existence, but he fancies himself quite the entertainer, and frequently reads over his own witticisms about the inner workings of the lab, confident that his efforts are followed by a vast contingency of lurkers.
[*pause* I haven't accidentally copied that from actual canon, have I? So much of what we learn about Hodges sounds too bizarre to be true, I'm suddenly worried I based that off something he said...]

21. (slipping in an extra, because it occurs to me that it can't be said enough) Grissom did not actually sleep with Lady Heather. Did not, did not, did not. No matter how much Catherine speculates, she is wrong.

1. All visions are not created equal. Jack's father, Yemi, Walt; all of these are manifestations of Jacob or the smoke monster or what have you. The animals are real, and so was Cooper. (The Others have many talents; running a car off the road and providing a fake ambulance before bringing him the way of Juliet wouldn't be much of a stretch.)

2. Juliet's attracted to Jack, though she can't quite figure out when that started. At this point she'd still screw him over for a promise to go home, but she suspects that a few more months with him will change her mind on that.

3. Charlie never told Claire he loved her, because he knew she wouldn't believe him and wouldn't say it back. Claire's said it to him, but only after she was sure he was asleep. She still hasn't decided if he's in love with her or the idea of having a family to take care of, and until she knows it's the former she's not going to risk feeding another addiction.

4. Desmond's flashes are not set in stone. They show one potential outcome; they also adapt to changes in the plan. Desmond has not yet figured out that the Uncertainty Principle may apply.

5. Sawyer has a soft spot for Claire; he's not above including her in sarcastic commentary but it will never be designed to hurt.

6. Kate wants to love Jack, because he's the hero, because he cares about her, because he's the better man. She doesn't, and she knows it, but she can't seem to let it go even when she's sleeping next to Sawyer. The doctor will always be her unrealized what if.
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