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SIR YOUR FACE. (and other stories)

1. I don't know what exactly this is is or when/where/why it was made, but David and Goliath is basically 7 solid minutes of him either looking terrified, crying, or petting/cuddling/communing with a German Shepherd, so god bless everyone involved in this decision-making process.

2. The Dollar Trees in our neighborhood are presently stocked with an amazing special buy: 32-ounce Gevalia Kaffe Iced Coffee with Almond Milk in mocha & vanilla flavors, standard retail price approx. $3-4. I don't know what to do my whole brain is crying. FOR JOY.

3. I went to the Twin Cities Book Festival today for the first time ever, and even though I only got there 2 hours before close and I spent at least a quarter of my time just pacing in frenzied/overwhelmed anxiety about not having enough time to see and do it all, it was pretty clear I had entered the promised land.

There was a used book sale in the back (including some leftover signed copies of new-book stock), representatives & their stock from some local antiquarian bookstores along one wall, author signings and various presentations on the others, and all over the middle table after table of local/independent publishing companies and book-related business and local authors with their work**.

Everything looked so nice and friendly that kit made me want to buy ALL THE NEW BOOKS (even though actually I was too overwhelmed to buy anything because seriously, I was not prepared. I figured I would pop by just to hit up the used book sale, glance around and be on my way, bored by all the merchandise and names I didn't know. I didn't expect a straight-up mecca for lovers of physical books and readers of literature and everything in between.

And sheesh, I haven't even commented on the amount of people-watching you could do. My fave part of that was recognizing a very memorable black-and-white pit bull service dog from the Half Price Clearance Event. But everyone there just looked like a book lover. It was a real "these are my people" moment. I haven't felt that kind of harmony since I was in band.

**I wish I had not been too nervous to pick up ALL THE BUSINESS CARDS. I was honestly too afraid to pick up anything shaped like a bookmark, both because no one else was and I was afraid they actually cost something, and partly because I was afraid someone would try to engage me in conversation and much as I wanted to talk books, I'd already been spooked by vendors at the flea market I visited earlier in the day WAY TOO AGGRESSIVELY trying to hawk their homemade wares at me. But I could have filled a small scrapbook with all the literature they had there, and I hope to do so next year.

I DID, however, manage to score a coupon informing me about a new secondhand bookstore opening next month, which entitles me to 25% off my entire purchase or ONE FREE BOOK, so that was definitely worth the price of (free) admission.
4. Yesterday I went to a church sale near the end of the day and eyeballed 2 pairs of pants I thought might work, but couldn't choose my fave and they were $2 apiece, so I decided I would just come back in the morning for the $3 bag sale. (especially after seeing some additional things I might like)

I don't normally bother with bag sales at churches because I tend not to find more than $5 worth of desirable stuff even at the beginning, but this time I couldn't get there any earlier so it ended up being a spectacular deal. Everything I had looked at the day before was still there, so I grabbed it all and more.

It turns out that neither pair of pants is going to work for me, but because I had the freedom to go wild and grab anything that would fit in the bag at no extra cost, I ended up scoring:

-A gorgeous navy-with-brass-buttons silk blouse for my mom, in a sort of military style she loves
-3 shirts for myself
-A multicolored pastel fashion scarf, colors perfect for Easter and exactly what I've been wanting
-A simple cloth belt so I have more than one to wear with my looser jeans
-A horse-patterned runner to cover the top of my cedar chest
-A brand new basic white shell to wear under cardigans for when I don't want a skintight tank or want something a tad warmer

And that's not even counting the pair of shorts that's too tight or the white shirt I'm discarding because I couldn't see the faint stain in the weak cafeteria light.

Bonus non-score: I found a gorgeous leather jacket on the first day. It was a medium and in perfect condition and had the most flattering fit, except the 3 buttons were a bit wonky when closed because stupid non-medium bustline, so I put it back. But it was good to know I could have gotten a $4 leather jacket. A smaller girl pounced on it within 10 minutes, and I am happy for her.
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