RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


So far all of the revivals of good TV shows that have been announced this decade have wound up terrible and/or ruinous in practice, but GUESS WHAT, in terms of where Gilmore Girls left things I am very confident there is ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP.

And even though I have only seen like eight actual episodes, I feel like I am intimately acquainted with it based on the hundreds of gifsets I have seen and all the things I have looked up over the years as a result so I would totally watch such a follow-up if it came to pass.

tl;dr NEWS OF THIS REVIVVAL WITH ALL THE KEY PLAYERS (EXCEPT MAYBE SOOKIE) BEING ON BOARD HAS MADE ME THE HAPPIEST. My face hurts from smiling! Oh god, is that what loving new television feels like? It's so warm and nurturing!

p.s. I am aware that the revival will not result in Lorelai running off with Alex.
Tags: gilmore girls
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