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I want to leave this journal on a positive note*, since it's kind of a superstition of mine before I go on a long trip, so here are some things that have made me happy about TV lately.

1. The "Starships" dress-shopping montage on the first season finale of 2 Broke Girls. It brings legit tears to my eyes, it's such a rare moment of seeing them so happy. WHY DID MAX HAVE TO GIVE BACK THE MILLION DOLALRS, WHYYYY! Has the show ever had a music montage since?

2. Family Guy's awfulness has driven me to other stations late at night, so I have found a happy home with Hot in Cleveland. I have deliberately made no effort to research this show, so I still don't know why they all live in Cleveland or how they are connected to each other, but WHO CARES when you can just watch these four legendary women act and spend time in one another's company with laughs and light snarking. This is truly the most finely pedigreed comedy I've ever seen. The fact that Chris Colfer guest starred on here at some point just lends even more anticipation.

3. Cougar Town, too. As long as they aren't showing any of the super irrelevant kids under 18, I love hanging out with this stupid crowd now. It takes a long time to grow on you. And a really long time to stomach Courtney Cox's new face. But once you get there, you're there for life.

4. On Revolution: we just watched the alt-reality episode, which I almost skipped because I disliked it so much the first and only time I watched it, but I was in a really bad mood last night so I decide to hate-watch. Turns out I TOTALLY FORGOT the entire beginning of that awesome scene in the hotel room with AU Miles & Rachel & Bass.

Miles being a shiftless drunk, sore at Rachel about ending their affair. Rachel all "we already had that talk." ("well, let's talk again") Bass showing up as a super affable, genuinely good buddy, with his plaid shirt and denim jacket. Bearing a pizza and not missing a beat before bestowing a friendly cheek kiss & hug on Rachel, along with gentle scolding. "I just came to town to try and stop this guy from stalking you; you can help me by not stalking him back."

(bt-dubs you know what I suddenly really want to see? Bass & Ben in the same room. WHAT WAS THAT DYNAMIC LIKE.)

Let's not forget how pleased Miles is that Bass immediately comes up with the same nickname for Aaron that he did, "Beardy McGee." Or that the Monroe Militia looked the way they did because Monroe is, to put it mildly, "kinda into the Civil War."

Even Aaron is the most entertaining he's been since early season 1. "You are not some shady drunk! I are, a little, but..."

You don't understand, I have devoted several days this month to trying to find romance novels in which to cast these three, and then it just SHOWED UP. Right there on my screen. Even if only for five minutes. The amount I want to imagine more stories in this 'verse is off the charts. I will even allow Aaron if I can have more of the Road Trip Buddies story.

Other things I forgot:
* Neville's role in this 'verse is to be a seedy peddler of insurance on late-night TV and bus advertisements

* The fact that when Aaron wakes up the first time, it's still not real, so that twist took me by surprise again until Rachel got hit by lightning. That said, while I remembered her faux-dying, I DEFINITELY forgot Miles giving desperate mouth to mouth and screaming at Aaron that she's dying. It doesn't matter if it's not real, I just got two different types of extra ship footage and I am happyyyyy.

Things I never noticed: I'm assuming it's solely because it's the crudest thing they're allowed to say on NBC, but all the guys are really fond of calling each other dicks. I think this makes like 5 episodes in a row Miles has referred to someone as such, and he's far from the only one. I wish I knew why I found this 100% hilarious and 0% offensive. If I'm not careful I'm going to start using it, and that will offend me.

I still can't believe Revolution is my #1 fandom, still. How did this happen? I have literally not watched any new episodes of anything except Survivor since my last post tagged #tv commentary.

*I left my Tumblr on a gifset of Luke Danes punching a guy, but that's clearly positive.
Tags: comedies, hot in cleveland, revolution

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