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All hail the pioneers

Clearly I missed some things in my Miles/Rachel Second Look post, so I want to talk some more about that:

Episode 16: I forgot how Rachel spent this whole episode tearfully pleading for Miles to listen to her and stay on the moral right. "You're not Monroe. You said that you weren't Monroe, don't be him." He makes a whole bunch of Wonderfully Conflicted Faces* when confronted with that. Heart on his sleeve per usual, he tries and fails to stare her down. He wants so badly to find a compromise between the right thing and the smart thing and there just isn't, but he has no way of articulating that because her convictions are stronger than his and he knows it. He hates not being the kind of person she wants him to be, the kind of person he wants to be.

And I have to say, her pleading face is very effective. Even as a person who knows what happens when they let the kid go and why he should have been shot on the spot to put him out of his misery, I found myself hard-pressed to stick with that conviction in the face of how sad she looks. I'M SORRY SWEETHEART DON'T BE UPSET. WE'LL FIND A BETTER WAY.

(*I don't know about you, but every time he does that I can hear echoes of "everything that happened - it's my fault, all of it").

I would be more unsettled by their last scene in this episode being him saying he's "not so sure" he did the right thing after all, but the beauty of hindsight is that I know the next four episodes will be all about him realizing that even if it wasn't the best choice at this particular time, it was a step in the direction he wanted to take.

Also, the dialogue in this latter half of the season is on FIRE. Even now, I can't keep track of specific lines, I just know the wisecracks fly thick and fast.

Episode 17: I forgot that whole conversation with Gene in the basement, where after dismissing a whole bunch of Miles' excuses for why he's bothering to fight on the losing side instead of saving his own skin (my favorite being "I'm fighting to keep your girls alive"), he gets to the heart of the matter. "I set out to make a better world. Bass and I both did. And it all went to hell." I mean, Gene says "so you're not really fighting for anything, you're just fighting back against your own demons?", but I think that's a decent cause.

In other news, every single time I poke the internet for old reviews/commentary, I come out of it disappointed. This show had nothing wrong with it, ever, except for Aaron's journey to boring Sci Fi Town. And Rachel is a goddamn national treasure.
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