RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

More sparkly things! Now with less literal sparkling.

This week is a Half Price Books Coupon Week, and while work conspired against me to make life so prison-like that I was not able to visit any stores before today to use my lower/peasant coupons on the clearance items I inevitably find along with my big ticket items...

I got Pitch Perfect on DVD today for $6.42. And if all goes well and no one buys it in the next 2 hours tonight or the first 10 minutes tomorrow, I will actually get my hands on Pitch Perfect 2 for about $8, long before I would have been able to get it from the library free (I'm #52 for 7 copies). Sure, I could always pay 50 cents per 24 hours to jump that queue to now, but I think it's a much better investment to have it forever, since I'm eventually going to buy it anyway.

If it is sold, that's okay. My backup item is Enchanted. (I can't believe that and PP made their first-ever appearance for sale secondhand at the same time, btw)

I also ended up splurging $3.21 on a paperback copy of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour because it was the best thing I could find in that store*, and it has also been on my wish list for 5 years and the moment I saw it I was awash in nostalgia and longing. I regret nothing! And then I bought a Missy Higgins CD on clearance for $1.07, and took a chance on a Superchick CD with the 2 songs I love on it for $2.14 in hopes that I would love more, because I need new car music. I have deemed it a wise purchase indeed.

*OK, they had a bunch of X-Files DVDs, which is my standard wanted item, but honestly I am still pretty bitter about the revival and I'm afraid it will taint the rewatches, so I'm content to continue waiting. The book made my heart bouncier, so I listened to it. Also, I'm feeling a paperback renaissance in my heart. While I have always disliked their flimsiness compared to the beauty of artistic hardcovers, as I completely run out of shelf and box space I have begun to concede it is okay to have space-saving editions of newer or classic stories in order to cram more in.

My 50%-off item from the other store tomorrow will be the Fancy Dog Book, which after a month of thinking about I've decided is also a worthy purchase (unless it sells within the 4 hours between when I left and when I return). And then I will go back to sitting on my hands as the holiday season approaches, probably. I mean I would just send my parents out with orders to purchase these things as Christmas gifts, but I am very worried that they won't be able to find the things, or find them in time before someone else gets them.

P.S. I saw the 3-disc edition of the Twilight movie in the clearance bin for $2 and I kind of want to buy it because I genuinely want to watch this movie again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Can I blame it all on the actors I love and the pretty backdrop? Would you believe me? Or am I doomed to succumb to the fandom poison now that it's gotten its fangs in me?
Tags: thrifty shopping, twilight

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