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*gasp* TV! Teacher - mother - ...and so on

House's season finale  Mostly I'm impressed that I hadn't turned on the TV since since Thursday night.  Summer does that to me.

I found it amusing that the Cuban couple managed to have heard of House and all his miracle-working, and yet was completely unaware of his penchant for refusing to meet with patients, his sarcastic and decidedly sour attitude, and/or his penchant for subjecting patients under his care to a litany of painful and frequently useless tests and treatments.  I mean really, is everyone he cures so grateful to have their life saved that they just conveniently forget all the bad stuff that happens to them first?  I just thought it was funny at how shocked the woman's husband seemed that House wasn't some sort of benevolent deity on earth.

I am fascinated, however, as to how one can continue breathing and remain conscious if one's heart is stopped.  (oh, and thanks previews, for giving away the twist that doesn't happen until 3/4 of the way through the episode, thus taking away all the suspense out of her 'dying' in the first place)  On the bright side, it's good to know that's possible.  Now whenever you see characters on TV start CPR without bothering to check for a pulse, you can just pretend this is what happened.

Favorite part, by far, was everyone storming in and yelling at House for firing Chase while he whined about wanting the PET scan results.  Especially after the ducklings were ushered out and Cuddy and Wilson formed their special tag-team approach to dealing with the stubborn child doctor.  Team Wilson-Cuddy v. Dr. House is the absolute best thing ever on this show, even better than Wilson's frequent offerings of platitudes and/or psychoanalysis.

And now House's entire staff is in the you know how much I would love this show if they made that stick and brought in an entirely new fellowship team?  Because I really have no particular love for any of the ducklings and I think a change of pace would be refreshing.  And this is coming from me, who generally throws a hissy fit at the prospect of change.  I'm annoyingly positive that all of these changes will be undone within two episodes, but really...I was thoroughly sick of Foreman's long and drawn-out goodbye.  Chase bothers me the least out of all of them, but I'm still no big fan, and they gave him a very plausible exit.  And I'm beyond sick of Cameron's existence, never mind her weird relationship hangups.  Having her be suddenly open to Chase's advances the minute he stops pursuing her doesn't do much to quash the perception of her being a spoiled and self-absorbed brat, you know.    

Dad got a kick out of the ending, with House and the husband talking and smoking cigars.  "It's just like how Boston Legal ends its episodes!" 

This, of course, was my cue to sit through Boston Legal.   Let's pretend I only did it because Aisha Tyler was guest-starring as the prosecution attorney.  I am not normally a fan of this show, but my dad thinks it is the greatest thing outside of PBS (largely due to "Denny Crane"), and Mom likes it too, so while I usually leave in boredom at 9:15, last night I stayed put.  And found myself laughing.  (dammit)  It has a really great comedy cast.  Basically, as far as I can tell it's the guys version of Ally McBeal, only with less sex.  It's not the kind of show I'd watch on my own, but when you have other people to crack up with, it's a fun diversion. 

The real benefit to having sat through Boston Legal, of course, is that I was downstairs when it was time for Mom to commandeer the remote and switch it to Sex and the City.  (Dad's cue to heave a great sigh and seek refuge elsewhere)  Couple of minutes in, and Carrie's getting teased about the young guy she's dating.  Me: *ears prick up* Hey, could that possibly mean...
Scene switch: skating rink, and some very pretty eyes.
Me: *squeals*

I didn't know anything about this episode or the character he played, all I knew was that a glance at IMDB one day had given me a list of TV show episodes that I planned to be on the lookout for, and I figured Sex and the City was a good bet since it was on every night.  That's been my rationale for watching it the past couple of months, the chance that it might be Eddie Cahill's episode.  (well, and/or Ron Livingston or David Duchovny) No, seriously.  Stop laughing.  And finally, by random chance, I got it last night!

Part of me wants to be bothered and a bit squicked by the character's bisexuality.  The rest of me doesn't really care, because EDDIE CAHILL!  He's never unattractive.  In fact, I may have to revise my initial opinion of season 1 Flack.  I knew it was an anomaly when I liked him better with short hair, and now I'm pretty sure that was a mistake on my part.  The curly fringes are much nicer.  Which made for a very pleasing half hour of television, on which, despite baiting you with my cut text, I actually have no coherent thoughts because I was too busy just soaking up his scenes.

I have semi-coherent thoughts on other aspects of it, though.  Like Steve!  Steve is a contributing factor in what makes episodes great.  Steve is also the switch-flipper aspect in which I decided that dammit, I sort of loved this show as a guilty pleasure.

I also especially loved Carrie and Miranda trying to find their "inner woman" with some new-age scarf dancing.  Hah!  Scenes like that are how I can understand why Mom spent so much time trying to convince me this show was not pure trash.  Why can't scenes like that happen more often?  Carrie and Miranda have the cutest friendship.  In fact, these two could carry the show all on their own.  Oh, wait, but then I'd miss Charlotte...actually, not for the first time, I think this show would have been a hundred times more fantastic if there simply was no sleazy Samantha character. 

Once upon a time (before last year), summer used to be my time to catch up on shows I hadn't been able to watch during the school year due to timeslot conflicts.  Law & Order: SVU fell under this heading, as did ER.  It was also my chance to do some exploring and discover new shows - the most notable recent examples of which are Lost and NCIS.  Of course, the advent of online streaming largely eliminated the phenomenon known as "timeslot conflicts," which resulted in me getting to watch & write about more TV than was probably healthy during the school year.  On the bright side, it also resulted in me being able to spend the summer largely TV-free, especially since I don't have cable. 

Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance
Thursday: So You Think You Can Dance results (eventually), Pirate Master
Friday: Standoff
Scattershot days: Sex and the City rerun (maybe)

1. SYTYCD won't be worth discussing until after the audition rounds.  Admittedly, the audition rounds are better than Idol's auditions because bad dancers are just funny and don't make one's ears bleed, but I still can't stand the ones who talk back and/or leave the audition stage swearing or in tears.  Or the part where they do in-depth video segments for people you'll most likely never see again because they get cut in the first round.  The only things worth noting now are
a) I love Nigel Lythgoe; he's so much better than Simon.  He never makes nasty comments for the sake of being nasty, the way Simon seems to feel he has a persona to live up to.
b) Mary "Redneck Woman" Murphy is on the judging panel permanently rather than a rotating basis.  DEAR GOD THE HORROR.  Screaming is not commentary, Mary!  No!  It's not!  What idiot decided to make her a permanent fixture?  I wish they'd picked Mia instead.
c) But lovely sunny Cat Deeley is still the host, so yay!

2. Pirate Master, as far as I can tell, is Survivor with pirate costumes, and if there's one way to make Survivor better, it's to add PIRATES!  I'm looking forward to this show so much, it cannot be measured on any known scale.  Best of all, the Survivor production team can finally put their skull fetish to good use. 
*To make things further better, both of these shows are being recapped by Annie at The Recapist, and also at Television Without Pity.  Alas, they are only weecaps at TWoP (*sigh*), but still, that's triple the entertainment value of just plain watching the shows.

2. Standoff - I swear to God if it's not on my screen come June 8th, ungood things will happen.  I want my Matt and Emily back now.  It worries me that I haven't seen a single preview yet...
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