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Status Update:

Okay! I quit Tumblr for a solid 3 days and was only on it briefly to reblog something I'd been looking for; now it's banned again. I slept for 13 hours when I finally went to bed on Monday, and actually got up before 8am two days in a row, which feels great (I mean I'm skipping sleep again right now, but this time was on purpose so I could get some writing done). I read all of your amazing comments and felt like a human again instead of a ghost slowly twisting into a bitter dark spirit (to describe the way it happens in The Haunting of Sunshine Girl). I spoke at length with Mom, who is wise enough to see through Tumblr's nonsense and more importantly, explain to me why it is nonsense in a way no one else can, and spent a few hours with boyfriend, who tends to magically make bad feelings go away with his presence.

I also watched a bunch of Cougar Town, skipping way ahead into mid-season 5 through the first couple episodes of season 6, and

First of all: who gave you the right to throw a heartbreaking Alzheimer's storyline in there for Chick? WHO TOLD YOU THIS WAS OKAY. (Although I did really love the vampiric flu club and think it may be my favorite thing done with fake vampires since that time Jim Halpert did his best to freak out Dwight.)

Second of all: okay, I have always been under the assumption that Travis/Laurie was just something TPTB needed to work out of their system because they felt like they were obligated to try pairing up everyone with a group member at least once, because I mean...look at her. Look at him. Look at him again. Where is the attraction supposed to be? From a character perspective OR an actor chemistry perspective, I'm sorry, I just don't get it.

So anyway, no one was more surprised than me when they were practically at power couple status by the end of season 5 and they made up after their giant Ted/Robin fight about wanting different things. Not even the pending test results threw me off, since that was obviously going to be a hilarious untruthy reveal at the end that made everything really awkward and embarrassing when it was a false positive, the wrong person's test, etc. and just ended up freaking them out (possibly so much they broke up for good).

Except it was true and they went all real-time-time-jumpy and long story short TRAVIS AND LAURIE JUST HAD A BABY TOGETHER, WHAT THE WHAT WHAT WHAT????

Luckily the season 5 finale reran tonight so I got a second chance to try & appreciate Travis's face during the ending montage after they find out she's pregnant, which I guess if I concentrate on really hard can be awww-inducing, but still, WHAT.

Other random thoughts:
* When did Tom become part of the group instead of just a creepy neighbor? (I do love his still-creepy dollhouse, though. #PROPS I WANT)

* Why are you trying to break my heart again by having Bobby Sr. move away? DON'T MAKE ME BE ANDY. I don't like anybody besides Ellie enough for their absence to turn me into Andy.

* "Dime Eyes" is the best thing about Grayson's existence. Though I must confess, I have been finding that guy more hilarious every year. #old school break dancing #that was quite a hearty serving indeed

* I love that there was an entire subplot devoted to forgetting the fact that Grayson had a daughter. I feel very satisfied that she does not, in fact, ruin the series like I assumed she did when I heard about her.
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