RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Need to think about fandom/fun things to recharge.

1. I went to Goodwill for the first time in over 2 weeks (the fact that I quote this amount of time with pride proves my level of addiction to that place), and actually did shockingly well in the $1.99 clothing department. I got a cute cream-colored cardigan shrug in the style that Bernadette wears on The Big Bang Theory, a short sleeved sweater with a deep V neck, and my pride and joy, my very first wrap dress.

2. I've been listening to "Bella's Lullaby" on loop because that is one gorgeous instrumental. Wait. Is that the one he's playing in that ridiculous piano-playing scene? It is, isn't it. OH NO. Irresistible...shipping...pull...activated...FIGHT IT, RS. This is your last shred of dignity in this area.

3. My mom and I watched the 2014 Godzilla last night, and it was pretty much amazing/way better than I expected from ONTD's mutterings. I'm so glad I have stopped letting ONTD color my perception of things.

4. The other night I watched another delightful episode of Parks & Rec, or what was temporarily on its place: "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show."

I never, ever thought April/Andy would be the type of couple I look at and go, "Relationship goals," but damned if that speech about being genuinely fine with/happy to uproot his entire life because all he needs to make him happy is her didn't do it.

...although having thought about it for a few nights, I also feel like I just watched a Jim/Pam redux, but with a Reality filter on it. Like, sure, you can get your own Jim in terms of commitment and personality, but will he look as good doing it?? NOPE. Chris Pratt may be approaching peak attractiveness at this point in the series, but that is still not Krasinski levels.

Anyway. I loved the whole episode, and not even just for its zany ridiculousness, but because it touched me the heart muscle even though I haven't earned any of the nostalgia and sentimental goodbyes through my own experience, and I think that means the show did a really, really good job of it.

We also watched "Pie-Mary," which may have been the most perfectly timed viewing of an episode ever, because it was right in the throes of my Tumblr-fueled angst and despair, and this just expertly skewered all sides of the vocal feminism debate (including meninism) and reminded me how ultimately silly most of it is, with Leslie's speech at the end succinctly summarizing what feminism actually is and should strive to be. It was a very good feeling.
Tags: parks and recreation, thrifty shopping, twilight

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