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SYTYCD won't be worth discussing until after the audition rounds. --I take that back.

Seriously, I cannot fathom how I'm going to care about this year's batch of dancers like I did last year.  I mean, season 1 was good and fun and all that, but season 2?  Blew it out of the water.  Thus, having Benji show up at this year's Chicago editions had me giggling madly.  Hah, he cracks me up.  "I'm still America's favorite dancer!  For a few more months..." 

Having him show up to help his little sister adution, however, does not amuse me.  I didn't like his cousin, and I don't like his sister.  One Schwimmer is plenty.

And Hok's back...I don't know how I feel about that.  I was sad when he left due to an expired visa, but in retrospect, he would not have been one of my favorite people. 

And I'm really, really sick of peoples' sob stories.  Look, it's one thing when Travis is in tears thanking his mom with just a few weeks in the competition to go.  But when people are crying their hearts out talking about how it's their DREAM, their *sob* ultimate DREAM, to succeed on this life-changing show to make their parents/sibling/etc. proud?  Or to prove to themselves how they overcame terrible personal tragedy to continue pursuing their one true love of dance?  That gets irritating.  Quickly.  And by quickly, I mean "instantly."

Alas, the Chicago auditions came and went, but I did not see anybody I recognized from my high school, college, or hometown dance studio.  I suppose having a high school classmate be featured on American Idol's auditions ought to be enough, but I never actually got to see that, doesn't count!
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