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This is a New Moon related post (with a bonus glimpse at the Eclipse movie at the end)

A winter storm is on its way provided a fresh coating of snow by 8:00 this morning, so my 60 hours of Bunker Down time are starting a bit earlier than planned, and that means I have time this morning to keep playing in the Twilight world.

I spent my copious amounts of free time from work or family obligations on Thanksgiving consuming the second book in the Twilight series, and I just have to say that as excruciating as Bella's lack of self esteem is to read, it's also very much, "Oh, so that's me." Meyer doesn't do an exceptionally good job of conveying it in a way that comes across as sympathetic rather than just setting up a problem for Edward to solve, but as I play it back and translate it into RS-speak, yeah. "You believed me so easily," because it is easy to turn on yourself. It's wonderfully easy to see yourself in her place. I wonder if that's what people are mad about, that it validates a thought process you hope young people don't have.

(in that case, I wouldn't know. With few exceptions, I pretty much think anything I did as a young person is a valid response for other young people to choose. If my hypothetical kid wanted to sit around being depressed and dead inside for 5 months because a boy broke her heart, eh. She's not boozing it up or sleeping around, seems safe enough.)

Thanks to that, since I have no omni-present OTP couple(s) being carried around in my head with me right now (Billy Burke's assorted character posse having finally faded out), Bella has moved in and taken over. My work assignments are like homework again, etc. I can no longer read most Twilight criticism because I am so defensively protective of my girl. Let's just be glad Edward hasn't moved in with her. Who knows what that weirdo is thinking.

Aaaaanyway, I actually started this post to make some book v. movie comparisons, because that helped me figure out my Goodreads review last time, so here goes:

-Now that I know for sure the emails to Alice were a movie-specific choice, I am even more impressed by them. Also, I know some people are mad about the empty pages with the names of months, but I think that's actually a pretty cool way to convey their extreme blankness. Besides, it gave the movie a good excuse to do a pretty interlude with a sad song.

-Narratively it would be a retread, but I selfishly wish that Charlie's description to Alice of what Bella was like when they left had been in the movie, both because how good would his face be with that, and also because I like the idea of him holding her in high esteem. There is no evidence thus far that movie!Charlie has ever met her, but being as they are my two favorite characters, knowing they are on good terms and they can have a genuine conversation like this is really cool.

-You'd think I'd have no problem translating the actor's face in my head, but somehow book!Charlie comes across to me as way dopier and more inept than movie!Charlie. Not sure if it's an actual description or my own imagination, but I also picture him with a beer belly, and I just can't picture him saying most of these lines unless I really concentrate. I don't know who went from the book to Burke and was like, "Bam, best choice ever," but I'm glad they did.

-My very favorite description of her feelings about Jacob: "What if Paris had been Juliet's friend? . . . The one person who really understood her and made her halfway human again? What if he was patient and kind? What if he took care of her? What if he really loved her and wanted her to be happy? And...what if she loved Paris? Nothing like that, of course. But enough that she wanted him to be happy, too?"

YES. DO THAT. I will arranged-marriage you!.

-On the Italian rescue portion: I keep trying to force the movie version into my head so I'll have something reliable and concrete to play back, but the book is much nicer when describing their post-escape from the Volutri, with its descriptions of him holding for hours and regularly dropping kisses everywhere but her lips.

Also, I'm going to link myself to cleolinda's book commentary here because looking it up every time is taking too long.

P.S. Checking out the soundtrack, my immediate responses are:
-It took me like ten replays to desensitive myself to the opening chords and lyrics of "Possibility" without launching into a trauamtic fall depression flashback.

-"WHITE DEMON LOVE SONG." I hope Tumblr has made use of this title to mock problematic white male characters.
While trying to convince myself to love the movie relationship, I was struck with the burning desire to see if I could shake anything out of Eclipse on YouTube. I saw this:
"Jacob forcefully kisses Bella"
Me: *confused dog noise* Mrmp?

I clicked play out of sheer confusion and got as far as "You feel something for me, you just won't admit it."


Eclipse is the only book about which I absolutely know not one thing except that it includes a proposal. Is the love triangle seriously not over? YOU TOLD ME IT WAS OVER. If this is not all in Jacob's head*, I will be displeased.

*also dude what happened to you not demanding anything from her; I distinctly remember praising you for that. If you're gonna Season 2 Halpert this joint up, you've gotta know beyond a shadow of a doubt you're right.

Then I read the rest of the description and quickly skipped to the end to see it, and oh no. Edward got very angry and shoved Jacob on Bella's behalf and I immediately got very interested in him. In related news, why does Jacob suddenly get gross in the personality department. :( ]
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