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Remember how much I was looking forward to Pirate Master?

I love reality shows that are sort of a blend between reality and a scripted storyline.  It's what I loved about Murder in Small Town X (waaaay back in 2001, I believe), and the willingness of the players here to suspend disbelief and dive into the role of a pirate crew is very much like an elaborate improv skit in a theater course.  Very elaborate - the pirate garb is nice (although the women in halter tops, not so realistic), the props are better.  The detail on the ship is great, I love the skeletons used on the course, and lovely gold coins are far more interesting than the promise of a check made out for $1 million - especially since it doesn't come in one lump sum, but is parceled out  a little at a time, and distributed unevenly among a select number of players.

It feels much less like a game than Survivor does, it's more like a roleplaying retreat camp.   It's amusing to see that everyone is clearly throwing themselves into their characters (some more than others...*cough* Captain Joe Don), and I hope that keeps up rather than devolving into "I'm just here to win, dammit!"  Because I found myself glued to the screen throughout.  It was at least as interesting as all the non-Jack Sparrow or Will Turner-containing parts of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Okay, fine, I was really especially delighted by the treasure chest being hidden at the bottom of a river by a couple of very realistic-looking, if not actually real, crocodile heads.  Seriously, best prop ever.  Even better was when they opened it up and several live crabs were skittering around atop the coins.

And I got a good long laugh out of John, whose profession was listed as "scientist/exotic dancer."  HAH!  Well, that's understandable, they're such closely related fields of I'm kind of ticked that he got voted off first, especially since he was instrumental in finding all the treasure in that particular challenge while the rest of them blundered about aimlessly and wasted time losing their shoes in the mud.  (although I kinda like babyface Ben, so I'll just pretend that didn't happen).  It's very interesting to speculate what made them turn towards Joe and elect him for captain.  He certainly looks the part, strong, tough, and weathered guy, but was there honestly any other reason?

Definitely is going to be a highlight of my week, though I think I'm going to have to tape and watch after it airs, because after about six previews for Big Brother I start going insane.  I hate that show.  It has a fantastic premise, except that they only cast idiots so that it doesn't so much resemble a neat sociological experiment as a 24/7 window into a frat house, and who honestly wants to watch that?

And because all my posts must have multiple topics...
1) What is this I'm hearing about a new detective replacing the young woman on Law & Order?  She's half the reason I bothered tuning into the show last season, even if I never learned her name.  Why is she leaving?

2) My PotC 3 viewdate is fixed on June 11.  Far enough away for my brother to be out of school, should he want to come see it with us, for me to fail take my next driver's test, to refresh my memory by renting the second movie which I only saw once (10 months ago), and hopefully given that it's a Monday the theater won't be too crowded.  And then I can stop gazing longingly at the dozen or so links to reviews I've been storing in a private backdated post, and actually read them.

3) Started reading Harry Potter again today.  I should probably have held off a couple more weeks, since I race through them and don't like too much time to pass between reading the last one and reading the new one - stuff starts slipping out of memory - but I also don't want to read them twice in as many months.  This is one of my semi-OCD habits: HP cannot be read out of order, and one cannot randomly decide to read one book without reading them all.  One may flip through a single book in order to read certain passages, but not cover-to-cover.  I am considering giving up on this rule, though, since I am thoroughly sick of the first two books, having not only read them but seen the movies multiple times. 
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