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This book has Eclipsed all else. (haha, but f'real I have decided to ignore work today)

I'm 62 pages into Eclipse (going book first this time to see if I still like the series when I don't have ready-made images in my head), and normally I'd put this on Goodreads but I haven't acknowledged that I've read New Moon on there yet, so it's going here:

Holy control issues, Edward, calm the eff down and let her visit her damn friend when she chooses to do so.  You are officially past the point of hotly protective and way into the Warning Signs Of Abuse zone, Extreme Hypocrite Edition. What is happening to my happy storyyyyy!

Page 146: OH MY GOD now even Alice is annoying me. (well, not that much, because who wouldn't delight in an excuse to get a shiny yellow Porsche especially if it involves hanging with your almost-sister, but JESUS CHRIST EDWARD ENOUGH. If Bella gets another paper cut at your house, last I checked, your own family still has to run out of the room before they eat her. If someone whines about how ~dangerous~ werewolves are one more time I'm going to lose it. It's worse than Bella whining about getting old.)

Page 170: I love Rosalie so much more than I even thought possible, poor dearheart. Also, everyone continues to be gross about Bella's lockdown.

Page 314: All right, it has gotten less terrible since Edward suddenly acknowledged being a creepy controlling asshole and switched to more subtle pressure methods no, I'm kidding; if he did I didn't notice. I'm kind of absorbed in jasper's backstory and actually, weirdly excited about the pending vampire war. This is a plot point I definitely knew nothing about, although I guess I will finally read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner now, an obnoxiously cool and musical title that's been pulling at me for years from the shelf despite knowing I would need context to not hate it.

Page 330: DAMN IT, JACOB. (Knowing this was coming did not stop me hoping he would magically not Darkest Timeline Halpert it up this time. This is gross. I have way more to yell at him about than I have ever wanted to yell at Edward. Where is the nice boy who helped her build motorcycles once.)

Page 336: Now even Charlie's being gross. "Good for you, kid"?  What have I done to deserve this. I mean, besides spend several nights defending the first book against people who had read them all.

Page 422: Bella's sense of what is dangerous and what isn't is so screwed up there has to be some kind of medical condition to describe it.

Page 432: I like Jacob so much better in wolf form. He's so adorable and cuddly and soft. And quiet.

Page 442: Oh man. Is this the part where Bella tries to steal Edward's virtue? I love it. It's awfsome.

Page 462: I still don't understand what Bella thinks marriage is compared to what she already wants.

Page 478: This whole taunting-her-about-her-nonexistent-feelings thing is getting old. I'm starting to hope Edward whack-a-wolfs Jacob into the dirt.

Page 488: ARE YOU ABOUT TO PULL OUT THE OLD "SPOONING FOR WARMTH" TROPE BECAUSE DAMN IT even in this state I can't resist that.


THIS IS KIND OF AMAZING. All the more so because Edward is snarling and growling in a corner because his stupid ice block vampire self can't argue it and he knows it. This leaves me free to laugh at Jacob grumbling "go fetch a space heater? I'm not a St. Bernard."

Page 495: the boys fighting over her that has been incredibly tiresome for the whole book has abruptly become hilarious and I never want it to end. "STOP FANTASIZING ABOUT HER, PERVERT" / "No one said you had to listen" / "I WILL LITERALLY KILL YOU" / "oh stop being pissy just because you can't bang your own girlfriend" / "THAT IS IMMENSELY UNCOUTH!" This is my favorite thing that has happened in this series, ever.

Page 526: so. not a movie addition like Harry/Hermione, then. *grimace* Pity. (WHY DID THIS NOT HAPPEN IN THE LAST BOOK OMG)

Page 576: Oh no. I'm not sure I can handle The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I don't even do well when they make me get attached to the victims on Criminal Minds before killing them in the first act.

Epilogue: hold up, Jacob gets to narrate a chapter, but not Edward? Rude. I really do want to know what that weirdo's thinking.

5:00 pm: Done. OK, but other than "vampire marriage and baby," what even is the plot of the next book? What's left?
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