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And I'mmmm stillll huuuuuur-ting

So I read the TV Line article about recent Castle episode "The Last Seduction." I supposed to be thrilled that they hooked up then went back on their separate ways without resolving anything? Yeah, I remember Ryan Murphy pulling this punk-ass "they're still broken up, but ISN'T IT AWESOME THEY'RE ABLE TO GET DOWN AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE??" nonsense back in 2013, and I hate it every bit as much I did then.

#castle #WHY YOU GO DOWN THE BAD GLEE ROAD #no one here wants a cheap and meaningless sex scene for its own sake GET OUT #also if you pull the pregnancy card after this I will send that drone from Driving Heat after whoever is responsible #DON'T GO DOWN THE BAD BONES ROAD EITHER #raaaaage

I hate that this is the most active I've been in posting about the show since season 4, I really do.
Tags: castle, lyrical post titles, rage-o-hol
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