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Dec. 5th, 2015

Goodwill had a special 50% off clothing/shoes/accessories sale tonight from 6-8pm, after their normal closing time on Saturdays. (thank you magic email newsletter!)  I made tidy work of 70 minutes and tore through all the applicable sections with great success. I was actually looking for something for my mom, but came up short because I need more time and energy to focus on that.

Nevertheless, I found some AMAZING scores for the equivalent of $2.50 apiece. Two things I've been wanting for at least two years at this point: a black elbow-length tie-front shrug -- thin material, so I can wear it over sleeveless summer dresses! -- and a wide black statement belt (!!!!).

The other surprises are a really cool skinny silver belt, 75% of which is this coiled stretchy metal material, which I was debating whether or not would actually look good on me until I found MATCHING SILVER SANDALS. (brand new with buttery soft straps). Give me a plain black sheath dress and I am going to look amazing for an evening date next summer. [edit: found the dress. Tried on the complete outfit. Look amazing. Now I just need a nice black clutch purse to complete the look. But then it's done!]

Update: oh hey! I managed to find a pair in bronze on Zulily without even trying. Let me copy a screen shot for you so that you may admire them:
[remember: silver!]

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