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Apparently the Survivor finale is happening in 2 days (what?! THERE ARE SIX PEOPLE LEFT), so let's talk about last week.

First of all, if you're not going to take Abi to the end, I don't understand why you didn't boot her out sooner. But fine. Whatever. Mostly I feel terrible for poor Ponderosa, who got about 2 delightful Joe-inclusive days and then WORST HOUSEGUEST EVER. Ciera and maybe Kass aside, that was probably their one consolation -- "I'm out, but at least I don't have to deal with Abi on a daily basis." Speaking of, I just looked up her Ponderosa video, and yup. That's exactly how it went down. (KELLY'S FACE. That is an admirable face of death rays.)

I especially liked the tension between Savage and Kass. I can tell in an instant who's right in that situation, and it's Savage. Kass reminds me of my brother, all, "I'm just saying opinions that are true opinions of mine," which is fine except you keep repeating them over and over and we are tired of hearing it because it's a negative opinion. I haven't gotten a chance to talk about it much but Savage struck me as a really awesome guy (I might go look up and watch his entire season just to see more), and it was devastating when he left so early. The fact that he's sticking up for Tasha just makes me like him even more.

Anyway, now that Abi is gone, I'm officially OK with anyone going to the end/winning the million! I think I would probably be most excited for Tasha and least excited about Kimmi (I still can't figure out how she got this far) or Keith, but still, we got us some competitors!

As for the episode itself: Tasha's exhaustion + panic attack and subsequent water rescue was scary, but exciting. We don't see too many things go wrong in the water that aren't banging your face on floating objects. At the other end of the immunity challenge, that was a really impressive race between Spencer and Jeremy that honestly could have gone either way, so it was amazing to see Spencer's record-setting speed at puzzle solving.

...yep, that's what I got about the episode itself. I got lost in Stephen's Ponderosa video, okay, and it's very enchanting. After a whole season spent cringeing he finally got to the point where I enjoy watching him talk. I especially approve of him looking at himself in a mirror and kinda liking the island look. THAT'S THE SPIRIT. Don't kill the look, dude.
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