RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Fandom Hangover Time

Bleary-eyed and with my mouth dry as cotton, we're off to a typical morning-after start, but let's see how RS is doing now that the sun is out.

My immediate reaction is that at my core I'm still pretty much like "MY SOUL IS DEAD" (does anyone know where I can find a gifset of the Glee club melting down in Community 3x10? I want to caption it "an accurate representation of my response to the new Star Wars"). The sun has not sufficiently chased that feeling away. I also keep feeling a little guilty about my Rey comments, albeit not enough to actually take them down since I did in fact almost immediately run across a Tumblr post whose sole reaction to the film was what I was afraid of: "yeah, that was kind of shocking/unexpected, but still, how awesome is it that we have a young female protagonist at the center of these films??"

But, last night I also found out that George Lucas didn't write it, so that immediately makes me feel like it's not particularly real, canon-wise. I'm going to call it the Gas Leak Movie and, although I still won't see any more of them, wash my hands of the mess, try to salvage my good memories of the pained-eyed "our son" talk and looks and put them in a context where their reaction to that whole weird plot twist was to throw themselves into their work, but still come home at night (or after each "business trip," in Solo's case) and seek comfort in each other while mostly just not talking about it. You know, Original Mulder and Scully style. Those good faces were almost worth the ridiculous notion of the Dark Ben plot in the first place.

My plan for today is to finish work, exhaust myself walking, and then run around adventuring at antique stores until I run out of daylight.

10:16 AM edit: I hope, anyway. It's a bad sign that I've been online for 90 minutes doing absolutely nothing so far except more stress eating. OK, LeechBlock on NOW, and replacing food with water.

2:45 PM edit: I took off Leech Block so my day has ended up pretty much how I expected, dawdling through work until 1:30 and now watching the day (which has been devoid of sun since noon and gone overcast again) drain away while I reblog rageful text posts on Tumblr.

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