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Finale Roundup

I hate cliffhangers.  did you know that?  I FREAKING HATE CLIFFHANGERS.  I do not remember a season ever having so many.  Even House is a freaking cliffhanger.  Damn it!  Now I have to live through the entire summer!  Thank GOD for Pirates of the Caribbean 2, so I have *something* to look forward to.  That and fan fiction, I suppose.

I think "The Lake House" will be a good rental later.  And that scary movie with Julia Stiles (she and Bullock are two of my favorite actresses).  But no movies this year are good enough for me to see in theaters, save PotC2. 

OK, so, recent shows.  Again, check the tags, there's a great big long list of short entries.

Cold Case finale: I'm not always interested by this show.  I was interested last night.  I LOVE my gals cats.  I love the idea that the man she falls in love with has cats.  There could be so many cat-related stories based off this episode.  Cats, cats, cats!

Well, forgive me.  Nobody else that works in law enforcement has a pet.  It makes me sad.  I was highly interested in this case, and the victim was sympathetic...probably 3rd-best of the season.  Not elaborating well, am I?  Thumbs-up.  Thumbs-up to the ending! 

Grey's Anatomy: Here's a big "F*** You" to whoever decided it should be lifted from its comfortable timeslot and tossed into the already overcrowded pit to fight with the CSI and OC giants for 8:00 on Thursdays.  But that's later.  First you get a "F*** You" for spilling over onto Monday.  I would have given up the comedies for you, but I sure as hell wasn't going to give up the best episode of CSI Miami's season.  So rather than watch 2/3, get invested, and miss the climax, I just made it easier on myself and only watched part 1 and waited for recappers to tell me the rest. 

First of all, DOC DIED.  That is the only surefire way in the world to make me cry instantly.  Pet death does me every time.  I'm just pissed that they kept using the poor animal as a metaphor for their effed-up relationship.  I swear neither of them actually gave a rat's ass about the poor beast.  Run, Finn.  Maybe Meredith doesn't deserve you after all.

Second of all, Denny died.  I miss him.  Izzie never tried to sleep with him.  It was the best relationship on the whole show.  And he was actually pretty cute.  Aw, poor Denny.

Thirdly, Meredith and McJerk.  EW.  Glad I didn't see that.  This is so pissing me off.  I hated Addison the whole year, THE WHOLE YEAR, and then a couple of episodes ago (when Karev became her bitch) I started to like her.  Actually like her.  When she asked Meredith if [Mer] was sleeping with Derek, I wanted to give her a hug.  I finally board the Shepherd Ship, just as it starts sinking.  Damn it.  (I love ship metaphors, you?)  Besides, I want Meredith to date McVet forever and ever, remember?  I really think they'd make a cute couple.  For crying out loud, "HE HAS PLANS!"  (The recappers are very good.)

Fourthly, it's been bothering me for quite some time how bloody huge Callie is, this was just the last straw.  How can George possibly find her attractive?  Also, I'm a firm believer in that you do not go about SLEEPING with people before you say "I love you."  I hate the idea of hook-ups.  I hate the idea of casual dating.  Hey, can you tell why Meredith isn't my favorite character?

Fifthly, I miss Burke and Cristina cuteness.  I demand that you bring it back at once!

Sixthly, no matter how much CSI sucks next year, I will not watch Grey's unless CSI and OC are both boring reruns.  Get in line, Grey's; OC has seniority.  I know I said I wouldn't watch the latter anymore either, but...oh, I'm mad at both of them.  I don't know anymore.

LOST: (not the season finale)

Dear Lost: You know, instead of making your episodes 65 minutes long, how about you *don't* roll over the teaser of CSI: NY, and cut out some of that USELESS RECYCLED FOOTAGE.  My God.  Fortunately, I'm so twitterpated by Claire holding Charlie's hand that I could care less what happened during the other 64.5 minutes.  Though I did note Vincent and Sayid were in it.  :)

Also, I'm pretty sure that the fact that Sawyer slept with Ana-Lucia is going to blow up somewhere along the line, in a Virgin-Mary-statue-esque way.  Sigh.  Maybe I'll get something cute to placate me during this two-hours-long finale.  I've still got 2 ships on the island, and I intend to sail them both.  (Sawyer/Kate, Charlie/Claire.  Known in shippers lingo, I believe, as Skate and PB&J.  "Chair" didn't have quite the same ring to it) 

Haven't watched the CSI: NY finale yet.  Saw bits and pieces from the first 20 minutes, and I saw the last scene.  Cliffhanger.  Not dramatic, but not resolved, so, cliffhanger. 

Without a Trace finale: I have not yet watched Without a Trace; I taped it, but haven't watched it yet.  I'm hearing bad things.  You know that "Anne" woman is the reason I started skipping episodes this year, right?  What's this ridiculous nonsense I'm hearing about a possible pregnancy for Jack's ugly date?  Oh, please.  The man already has two kids.  And they're CUTE kids, even though the older one turned into a snot.  Why can't we limit the focus to them?  So unless this leads to a Sam-and-Martin reconciliation, and/or we never see her kiss Jack again, I want it to go away immediately.

OC finale: I didn't see it, because I was kind of busy waiting for Grissom and Sara get together, but the memorable point seems to be "ding-dong, Marissa's dead!" Woohoo!  It actually sounds pretty sad, and I could probably find it in my heart to be sad when I watch it, but in the abstract I'm happy.  I'm happy because that girl was just way too messed up.  When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was AWFUL.  She's a nymphomaniac and an alcoholic, and also a semi-druggie.  She was none of those things around Johnny, and that's when I kind of liked her (and part of season 1 when she was with Ryan), and then Johnny died and she became stupider and more disgusting than ever before.  So I am GLAD she's gone. 

Am I going to watch season 4?  I don't know.  I hate Kaitlin *even more* than her sister, and I don't *want* to meet "the new crowd" that's entering high school...I am really tempted not to give it its customary probationary episode come September.  But morbid curiosity, if nothing else is on then, will probably result in my watching it. 

ER finale: Wait, was that the finale?  I don't watch NBC at all anymore, unless it's a new SVU.  Didn't watch it.  (taped the WaT I haven't watched yet) But it sounds like it ended on a freaking cliffhanger.  Also, Gallant is dead.  Which sucks, because now that show is down to FOUR non-horrible characters.  Only four!  And even worse, next fall it's going to lose its timeslot competition when Without a Trace gets unceremoniously (and deservingly, but it's still sad) drop-kicked from its cushy timeslot to Sunday, so I'll be able to watch it.  Argh. 

Oh, the non-horrible characters would be Neela, Sam, Luka, and Abby, if you were wondering. I seriously hate everyone else.  Though Morris was one of the bigger pains in the rear, so goody.

*Numb3rs finale: Ohhh!  Charlie!  Mom!  Dreams!  SOMEONE GO HUG CHARLIE RIGHT NOW!  Don's case was pretty fascinating too, but of course I can only focus on the cuteness that is Charlie.  That was amazing. Cliffhung, of course, on what Amita's decision would be.  I choose to believe she will stay.  I am not optimistic enough to hope that they ever wind up in a real relationship, however.  Nobody on TV is allowed to have a permanent relationship unless they are married when the show begins or the show is ending that year.

*The star is for "best season finale."  I know almost everybody claimed to have multi-part finales, and if you take them all together then Miami would win and NCIS would have second place, but judging solely by final-episode-of-season, as far as the ones I've seen, I'm giving prizes based on how well things were wrapped up.  And I call this the best.  Reba and Cold Case can fight it out for second and third. 

CSI: Miami finale: No.  I refuse to talk about it.  Okay, maybe just a little.  

I'm going to suggest that while we're down in Brazil, we kill Raymond Caine so Yelina can come back to the states, and she can eventually heal Horatio's broken heart.  I say eventually, because at the moment, I'm having difficulty shipping H/Yelina after this.  I keep trying to imagine it, only to go, "No.  He's still in love with Marisol.  He hasn't forgotten what he felt for Yelina, but it's been pushed aside."

Stupid red-herring-til-the-end BoaVista.

My favorite exchange of the episode - Evil Monica West threatening, "Don't make this worse."  And Horatio's very soft, sad, "Could it get worse?" 

The next-to-last scene broke my heart, the artistic shot...why the hell do I keep noticing the art direction?!  I hate art!...of him reaching out to touch the flower by her grave, only to be interrupted by the Rudest and Creepiest FBI Agent Ever.  I was fairly pissed at that guy.  "He was this close to crying!" I shrieked, throwing a pencil at him, which was blocked by the safety of the TV screen.  "How dare you ruin an emotional moment!"

I am so glad he and Eric are going all vigilante.  I hope they manage to kill Riaz after all.  I was amused when Horatio fired two shots right *next* to the guy's head without actually killing him...didn't give the guy what he wanted.  Not as cool as the way he calmly stepped aside and said, "All yours, Eric," and we got to watch Eric kick him in the jaw with as much force as possible.  Can't wait for next year.  It wasn't a true cliffhanger, I guess, but I...I don't think I can take another year of the season-long plot arc.  It was awesome at first, but in the long run not good for my nerves.  Or my homework, which suffered while I went on desperate spoiler hunts.

Seriously, when did Monica West get so vindictive?  Why does she hate the lab so much?  Did she get dumped by Horatio at some point, or was that just Rebecca?  He's gone out with so many lawyers, I know, if you add up the number of love interests Horatio's had over the years, it's really quite startling.

Also, I would like to reiterate that I hate Natalia.  I actually started to like her after she tried to get Eric to go to the wedding - I finally convinced myself it was okay that she wasn't the mole - and then she turns around and IS THE MOLE.  Even if she only said nice things, I love how everyone gave her the cold shoulder at the end.  Natalia is friendless.  I LAUGH, except that we'll have to spend an episode or two next year making everyone love her again.  I miss Marisol.  No, I really miss Alana de la Garza.  That actress is amazing.  It's the first time I've ever seen her, but I caught all the ET clips that interviewed her because she's fun to watch.  I do not at all love Eva LaRue.  Sigh.

I feel slightly better for having gotten all that out.  Maybe later I will try to release the poison that is the bitterness sealed inside me from he NCIS finale.

House finale: Cliffhanger!  God Damn Cliffhangers!  Overall, pretty interesting, though.  I was still more interested in reading fluffy Miami fic than watching it, but I watched it tonight.  Some really gross medical stuff I couldn't watch and could barely stand listening to.  But House hallucinating?  Unable to tell the difference between hallucinations and reality?  I admit, the last scene fooled me.  I thought for sure it was fake, but then they drew it out for so long that I started going, "Oh, hell...oh my God, no WAY...way."  Nope, still hallucination.  He did not go crazy with the robot surgeon and make it disembowel a patient.  Dang.  I mean, "phew." 

It was interesting.  And even if it was all a hallucination in his head, the rare (RARE!) moment of a vulnerable House was amazing.  When he whispered, "I'm sorry," I remembered why I still put up with this show.  I admit, even my bitter and sardonic heart was a little twisted when the shooter informed House that his wife committed suicide.  Indirectly because of House telling her about her husband's affair.  Yeah, the guy's an ass for having an affair, but House definitely shares a large part of the fault. much of that whole thing was part of a larger dream?  Hell, even I'm confused about what's real and what's not!

American Idol: (last thing) I watched AI for, I think, the second time this year.  NCIS wasn't on, and even though I love Reba McEntire and Kathryn Morris and Emily Procter, nothing can make me sit through the Country Music Awards they were hosting in its place. So AI it was, even though I have no phone so I couldn't vote 25 times for Katharine, which I seriously would have done. 

I have been following the show through Television Without Pity recaps, but not actually watching it.  Before tonight, I'd never even heard Kat sing, but she was always my favorite because she had an awesome name.  Oh, and she's beautiful.  She reminds me a little bit of Cameron from House, or maybe Jorja Fox, but she's much prettier than either of those women.  She's the first early-favorite of mine to actually make it into the final 2.  And I couldn't even watch the season. Sigh. 

I hate "Over the Rainbow."  Never heard "Black Horse in the Cherry Tree" before, but it sounds cool because she sang it awesomely.  And her first single?  It is beautiful.  Shut up, Simon.

I have a bad feeling she won't win.  Taylor and his Ugly Hair and Idiotic Theatrics will.  Even I had to admit, with much cursing, that his "first single" was just as cool as Kat's, and maybe better sung.  But that's okay, because Katharine is much more awesome and I am seriously going to buy her CD as soon as she has one.  I've never bought a CD from an Idol contestant, except Clay.  So Kat?  You rock.  Rock it up, girl.

The callouses on the heels of my hands hurt from so much typing.  Nighty-night.

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