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Don't mind me, this is just a quick tally to remind myself that I have one Work Lite week left, and a lot of draft posts I want to be working on that are nowhere near publication-ready.

  • The Music of 2015 quarter 4

  • More specifically, arranging my feelings on the Twilight soundtracks, preferably song by song

  • Fandom Survey, Part 2

  • Annual personal "year in review" survey

  • End of year book survey

  • Community Seasons 2 & 3: Good or Bad? (kidding, I know they're good -- I just like that title format. What I really want to find out is which is better)

Bonus: Monday To-Do List
* Make appointment for haircut
* Re-order Christmas gift order that was canceled due to being out of stock

Bonus: Movies I Want To Rent In Like A Year When the Request List Shrinks
(putting it here because the library website is being a butt and won't save it for me)

  • The Age of Adaline

  • The Homesman

  • Mr. Holmes

  • Ricki and the Flash

Bonus: Currently Playing
a.k.a. the random playlist I have been listening to while I write all these things since my Eclipse soundtrack is in the car and there's nothing on TV.

  • Most of the Wicked soundtrack (starting with What Is This Feeling? and minus A Sentimental Man & Wonderful)

  • Jocelin - Leddra Chapman

  • Story - Leddra Chapman

  • Covers from Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour concert CD: Ours, Back to December/Apologize/You're Not Sorry, Drops of Jupiter, Bette Davis Eyes, I Want You Back

  • The Story - Zee Avi

  • A selection of Yann Tiersan tracks (Comptine D'une Autra Ete, Valse d'Amelie, etc)

  • Wyoming Sky - Raining Jane

  • Lille - Lisa Hannigan

  • Falling Slowly (live performance) - Darren Criss & Lea Michele (oh god how beautiful this would be in a studio recording; I can only dream)

  • Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk

  • Half Acre - Hem

There, I've killed a couple of hours since I got on the computer tonight. Maybe I shall log off and go enjoy a movie. Or the library disc will be too scratched to play in my computer, ugh, fine.

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