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Sad & Happy, respectively

I just watched episode 1x03 of Community. Excuse me while I go crawl into a corner and bawl. #relevant to my newly discovered Abed appreciation

I also watched "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" for the third time, which is now officially among my favorite rom-coms of all time.

I still don't know most of the character names, but I love all 6 of the main characters and people playing them. Actually, I should remedy the lack of knowing character names right now. The only actors I didn't know already were the people playing Adam and Clay. Their characters are still excellent.

-Meryl Morgan (Sarah Jessica Parker)
-Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant)
-Jackie (Elisabeth Moss), Meryl's no-nonsense and authoritative personal assistant
-Adam (Jesse Liebman), Paul's adorably spineless personal assistant whom Jackie does an amazing job of ordering around, which apparently serves to make him fall hopelessly in love with her in a subplot that really needs its own spinoff movie. Look, if Knocked Up gets one of's just not fair that they don't, is all I'm saying.
-Clay Wheeler (Sam Elliot) & Emma Wheeler (Mary Steenburger), the most complementary Wise Old Marrieds I've ever seen. I especially liked the part about how when they almost called it quits, Clay won her over with gifts like a fancy gun and some cows. (edit: whoops, that makes it sound like the cows were for target practice. They were not. She just loves cows and guns in equal measure.)

Other things I love:
-The 2nd time I saw this movie was right after Glee 4x04 aired, and I still remember what a cathartic experience it was as far as overcoming a cheating episode.

-This works mostly because Hugh Grant The Cheater is nothing but unflinchingly polite and soft-spoken and accommodating and apologetically groveling and mutedly hopeful about saving their marriage, while Meryl holds all the cards and gets to decide exactly how she wants this to end up.

-Did I mention how much magical chemistry he & SJP have? There's a lot. It's really tame and G-rated in the physical romance portion, but their plot ends up being sweepingly romantic

-The assassin and his chameleon-like way of morphing into an ordinary guy to get information, from putting on a Steve Jobs turtleneck to inquire about high-end real estate to donning a cowboy hat and strolling through a rodeo

-It's set in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming. I love movies set in small towns/rural areas of western states; they always seem so picturesque and perfectly American. I really want to travel to one someday, but for now I just enjoy the fantasy in movies.

-Earl's darling granddaughter/future Country American Idol

-The Wheelers have at least four horses, and horseback riding factors into the story twice

-Meryl is utterly adorable while cheering/bragging about successfully shooting a rifle on her first-ever attempt.

-BART THE BEAR (there is also a special feature devoted to his role, which features a lot of Hugh Grant's hilariously straight-faced humor)

-It's a genuinely funny movie; I laugh out loud a lot.

-Every second of everything that happens, honestly.
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