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The Music of 2015: Quarter 4

Links go to YouTube; I have not vetted any of the actual videos and don't know what they look like; I went for lyric vids whenever possible but didn't stay past the first few seconds.

53. Jennifer Paige – Questions
Been disconnected, embraced and rejected
Either way it doesn't bother me

I saw her self-titled CD at the Half Price Books clearance sale and took a near-blind chance on it based on finding “Crush” to be an okay song once upon a time. I suddenly feel like I have been missing a crucial part of the 90s music experience for the past 15 years. This song, in particular, is much more lite rock/adult contemporary than pop.

54. Jennifer Paige - Sober
Girl meets boy and girl goes crazy
Boy backs away, she gets her heart broken

Love-sober, not drugs/alcohol-sober. This is just SO PERFECTLY 90s RADIO, I cannot get over it.

55. One Direction - Up All Night
Katy Perry's on replay
She's on replay

which is really all you need to know about the quality of the wording in this

Fresh off my “One Thing” hype, I tried really hard to find some additional songs I liked on this album. The best I could come up with was this delightfully ridiculous party song, which at least you can dance to. I'm dancing in my chair right now; it's that stupid addictive.

56. One Direction – I Want
You've got everything you need
But you want accessories
Got to hold it in your hand

But then I listened to the CD some more because I was sick of all mine, and I started getting a real strong sense that this song sounded like me. On a more serious note, it has cool bouncy music, vaguely reminds me of Killer Queen.

57. One Direction – Tell Me A Lie
Tell me I'm a screwed up mess
That I never listen, listen

Takes a while to get going but boy, that chorus is just some real solid 90s boy band sound. Catchy and fast. I also like the arrogance in the song narrator assuming they're not a screwed up mess/never listen and these personality traits aren't part of what drove the love interest away.

58. Plumb – Don't Deserve You
I don't deserve your love
But you give it to me anyway

Plumb & I go way back to college; she predates the Music List with excellent hits like Damaged, Cut, and one of my favorite songs of all time, Pennyless, so I'm glad to find something new. This is technically about God, but like many other songs in that genre, is also (some would say frightfully) interchangeable with romance. Other people have apparently heard it on Pretty Little Liars & Vampire Diaries, but I for one am holding it up as Miles/Rachel's theme song.

59. Billy Burke – Bluesy LaRue
I bet you'll have your mama's eyes.
I bet they'll look the same as hers when she cries
And have the same effect on me

I cannot for the life of me understand the double use of the S-word in this lullaby to his daughter, but the other 95% is really soothing and straight-up adorable.

60. Billy Burke – Seeing Angels
You might be seeing angels
You might be seeing ghosts
You might be seeing everything we don't

Slower and calmer/more reflective piece than most of the album, which made it stand out to me, particularly with these lyrics in the chorus.

(p.s. What is this, Miles' theme song? "Is there any future / For a man like me / Taking his own sweet time to recover / From his own sweet atrocities")

61. X Ambassadors – Renegades
Long live the pioneers
Rebels and mutineers
Go forth and have no fear
Come close, the end is near

I've been fighting this off for weeks, but the radio has forcibly saturated my ears and overthrown me. Now I'm reluctantly into this sound, which makes me think of a cross between Revolution and The 100. I'm still fighting you, though, “Budapest”!

62. Chvrches – Leave a Trace
And you had best believe
That you cannot build what I don't need

I often can't remember any of the other lyrics or how this goes when I'm not listening to it, but there is a really great hook in the chorus. I do know it is a girl group and sounds remarkably like a song that would have been around in the 90s or early 00s, despite being brand new.

63. Twilight Soundtrack (comp. Carter Burnwell) – Bella's Lullaby
An instrumental that is every bit as peaceful, soothing and gorgeous as you'd hope from that title. Its only flaw is being too short, which I guess means it's time to go hunt up the score.

64. Lykke Li -- Possibility
Tell me when you hear my heart stop

It took at least 20 plays before this stopped launching me into traumatic depression flashbacks, but now we are old companions. Lyric sites are saying I'm wrong, but my ears definitely heard a line saying “all I wanted is gone with your step,” so I hope someone has written a Bella-centric fic about the blank months with that title. Or maybe Muse will return from the underworld someday and help me write it.

65. Bon Iver/St. Vincent – Roslyn
Wings wouldn't help you down
Down towards the ground, gravity's proud.

Maybe it's just because the opening line sounded like "oh, the Volturi" to me, but these people have haunting music locked DOWN. I mean, I know that Bon Iver is ike the most pretentious choice you can make in music. I can't even really say the name without looking down my nose at myself. But based on this sound, there seems like a really good reason for their popularity among hipsters. This is such a pretty sound, I can't get over it. And that is without knowing a single actual lyric until right this very minute.

66. Anya Marina - Satellite Heart
So pretty, so smart
Such a waste of a young heart

It took me a few rounds to latch on, but this definitely describes Bella. Along with plenty of other lyrics I can mine for post titles about TV, probably.

I literally listened to nothing but Twilight soundtracks this month and I am way under budget for the year, number wise, so what the heck – end of year blowout! No holds barred! Explicating EVERYTHING MY HEART DESIRES from #3.

67. The Black Keys -- Chop and Change
She took a job working late
Jacking cars from out of state

Admitting to liking something by this ridiculous band makes me feel bad (so much worse than Bon Iver), but it was my INSTANT FAVORITE on the CD because it reminded me of the lady lawlessness described in “Dani California.”

68. Vampire Weekend -- Jonathan Low
The blood of his friends was gone beneath snow
For all that I know, he died, killer of Jonathan Low

I genuinely cannot explain why I took to this one, it just immediately pleased my ears while I was sampling the soundtrack the first time, impatiently skipping tracks and mad that I did not love the Florence + The Machine, Sia, or Bat for Lashes tracks. It's just fast and fun. Even though I have no idea what it's about. The wild strings interlude near the end is the best.

69. The Dead Weather - Rolling in on a Burning Tire
One is born so one can die
You must wait a real long time

This is such a dark, foreboding song, with creepiness pervading every line and beat. Perfect for sinister vampire stuff, really.

70. Unkle ft. The Black Angels - With You In My Head
Speakin' in tongues
They've all been summoned

This isn't really a song that I love so much as the soundtrack to the really excellent Cullen war-training montage which now plays flawlessly in my brain every time I hear this surprisingly addictive number. I really only know snatches of lines here and there with no clue how they fit into a larger picture of lyrics, and I'm fine with that.

71. Florence + The Machine -- Heavy in Your Arms
I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down

I spent a solid week determined to unlock the secret of how to make myself love this clearly enchanting song. I eventually found a way in, and am now in love with its mysterious sound and heavy (haha) imagery, but I can't explain how that happened.

72. Sia -- My Love
You gave all you had, and now I am home

I am really glad this is like 5 minutes long, because once it starts I never want it to end. Granted, it took movie context to make this happen, but it really is a beautiful dreamy, romantic murmur of a song. (side note: because I never pay attention to lyrics first unless the artist is known to be suspect, I did not realize until right this minute that it's a song about someone dying, which puts a whole new layer on it; I'm going to go cry over how achingly pretty it is for that purpose now)

73. Beck/Bat for Lashes -- Let's Get Lost
Touch me I'm golden, and wild as the wind blows

I am still finalizing my love/addiction to it, but its reputation as one of the stand-out tracks is definitely deserved. At the moment I'm using it as my personal theme song when I go adventuring in the car. Albeit while being very careful not to actually get lost.
List Extras: Recommended Albums
I. Echosmith, “Talking Dreams”: I can't seem to find any others beyond "Bright" that I 100% love on their own merit, but as I said before, the whole thing reminds me of a YA novel in album form. Highlights are the eerie sound of Safest Place, the why-wans't-THIS-on-the-radio Talking Dreams, and the narrator trade-off of Let's Love.]

II. Billy Burke, “Removed”: I find this whole album a nice piece of bluegrass/country rock to play when you're in the mood for it.

III. The Twilight Soundtrack, which I decided to love mostly out of sheer consternation to appreciate this novelty. Outside of the last track, I really can't see myself listening to any of these as individuals, but I adore how they work together in this specific order, each one flowing into the next.

IV. New Moon soundtrack, which is a lot more indie bands than the pop/rock focus that dominates the first one and that I was not really feeling the first few go-rounds, but which I patiently, stubbornly, fed into my ears on infinite loop with the first soundtrack until track by track, I had worked it deep into my brain like finely blended brownie mix. (brownie mix in the brain, yes, that's the metaphor I want) I mean I still wouldn't listen to most of them on their own, but they do sound nice and November-y together.

V. Eclipse Soundtrack: What I love about this one is that female singers other than Paramore finally make serious inroads, and it is a better work as a whole for it.

Coming in 2016: My inevitable love for the next two Twilight soundtracks, probably. And also, Vanessa Carlton has FINALLY released that album she's been promising for about 4 years, so hopefully I will find a way to hear it since my local library has not purchased it.

In other news, my friends page is hip-hop-happenin' with posts and I don't know what to do with myself; I haven't seen this much activity at one time in a year! but I don't know when I will have time to read them because my weekend is and has been pretty jam-packed with activities. Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do about my sleep schedule.

I got plenty of rest the night before New Year's. Then I slept from 1:40-10 AM last night (well, this morning), another nap from 5-9 PM, and...I've been awake since then and am only just beginning to feel sleepy again. I fought hard to finish work because I was really looking forward to having an entire Saturday free, and I did it but now I feel like I'll be too tired to enjoy it. Yet if I sleep now, as the day is just beginning (5:30-6 AM or so), I will sleep through most of the hours anything worthwhile is open. Arrrrrgh.
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