RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

2016, Good or Bad?

Popping on here to say two things:
1. Lovely darling boyfriend gave me his old laptop (circa 2013) now that he has a new one. My very first laptop!  It is very shiny and pretty, and the keys are backlit with a red glow of satan. It suffers from Windows 8, but I am either going to Windows 10 this baby since I have no data to risk on it yet, or -- in case that would wipe out boyfriend's files on his account -- have said boyfriend download the patch he used for his account to make it behave like windows 7.

2. I have been feeling a weird exhausting strain in my shoulder joint/along my upper back for the past couple of days, which based on various other factors I strongly suspect may be due to sitting for hours at the computer with no breaks and poor posture, so I am trying to limit my non-work time on there. Which bugs me to death because I have 3 half finished posts and you have created like 20 posts this week that I'm desperate to finish reading and commenting on, but with a new time limit of 7 hours per day (that's drastically reduced), and roughly 4 of those going to work, I am running out of time.

Hopefully I will get to them soon? The real challenge will be HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT TYPING ABOUT ALL THE THINGS I WATCH. Not that I'm watching TV*, but I'm just replacing it with movies and I lately find myself getting upset when I want to rewatch a movie and I don't have a detailed record of my thoughts on it.

*3. SNEAKY TV POST: I watched the first season 2 installment of Galavant today because it was lying around and I was desperately lost and bored without my computer, and...

Maybe it will get better as it goes on, but while Pouty King Richard is one of the most delightful characters I have ever encountered in my life and everything he says is golden, I'm otherwise finding the actual scripts like a very mild level of torture. (just like season 6 of Community wasn't funny when acknowledging it wasn't funny, acknowleding that Galavant and Isabella's chemistry is gross is not better than just getting rid of it) So far, the only thing I have really loved has been the magical unicorn following Alleged Virgin Richard around the town square. NEVER WILL I TIRE OF SNEKY UNICORN PONY.

Although I suppose I did kind of enjoy the sheer length of Galavant's accidental insult rant during the Old Timey Magical Skype Screen's stuttering.
Tags: galavant, life, tv commentary

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