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Definitely one of the worst work weekends on record. I don't honestly know how I am going to get this huge amount of work done for tomorrow; I'm still working on yesterday's stuff and haven't even reviewed most of today's work yet. In part because for the past 4 hours, my brain has just snapped and been unable to contemplate leaving or looking at work, so I've just been aggressively finding ways to waste time on the internet. It has led to this.

1. I tripped over "Gossip Girl credits" from 2008, and the tone I'm getting from the comments is that it's fan made and not the original opening credits, which is a shame because then its (I assume deliberately) cheesy badness would be even funnier. Nevertheless, this has not stopped me from either cooing at what babies they all are (LOOK AT CHASE CRAWFORD. It's like 90s Ryan Gosling), or more importantly, howling at the moon at Ed Westwick's Creepy Edward Cullen impression. Check it out. You can't unsee it.

2. I've been listening to Sara Bareille's new album, Songs from Waitress, on nonstop repeat for the past 2 days. My parents watched the film the musical is based on, but I could never quite muster up the energy to watch it myself. But after about 6 replays, I got curious enough about the actual plotline -- since the songs are pretty vague on specific plot details -- to look it up on Wikipedia. The first paragraph already sounded pretty good, but then:

"Jenna's life changes after she meets her new physician, Jim Pomatter (Nathan Fillion)"

AND SOLD! Based on "Bad Idea," anyway.

3.[contract spoilers]
In the TV news today, which I rarely visit anymore and found by happenstance, I learned that Michael Weatherly is finally ready to retire his FBI badge at the end of the season. I think we all know what that means: TIVA HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! ( he still dating that one annoying chick? I hope not, because holy crow, you need to write her ass out the door a-sap if we're gonna make this work. At least leave the Tiva option an ambiguous possibility)
In other words, this is the most content I have ever been about hearing an actor is leaving a show. Not even a ripple of disquiet in my heart -- I'm not throwing a party like I am when TERRIBLE JERK CHARACTERS leave shows, which is good, because it means I didn't suffer while he was there. I'm just really satisfied with the impressive amount of time he's put in and agree that I'm ready for the character to move on. He's perfectly fine, but I've never been that attached to him, so I simply wish the actor well in future projects and look forward to seeing who comes on in his stead. God, that feels good.
Edit: The same article hints that David McCallum may leave after next seasons for health issues. That one makes my heart twinge. Again, I think the actor has put in a good amount of time and both character and actor have more than earned retirement (if I recall, Ducky also has someone he could love overseas...just saying...), so I won't argue this one either, but it's much more bittersweet.

4. Speaking of NCIS, after dragging my heels on it for weeks I finally decided to try catching up on this season, starting with episode 3. That's a pretty safe show, right? Free of emotional consequence in the romance department?

WRONG. Five minutes in and they've set the stage to add even more stress to Bishop's darling marriage to Jamie Bamber. They've been gnawing at this for quite some time now, and I can't help but think it's inevitable that it's going to end with her getting divorced so they can play up UST on a regular basis again the minute there's a suitable guy, and I just, I cannot take on even a hint of relationship pain anymore. I have been hit too many times! I need fluff and roses!!

Honestly, at the end of the day, you know that's why I fell so hard for Twilight.

5. Sometimes I like reading through my TV reactions from late 2012/early 2013, where I am my usual ship-happy self shamelessly cooing over TV couples and casually accepting of the fact that I will always be without firsthand experience in that department, and I almost burst with excitement at how little Past Me knows how close she is to everything changing. There she is, her life, satisfied by most of the TV, not thinking more than a month ahead and totally clueless about the guy on the horizon. It's just amazing to watch.

Book Wishes
6. Apropos of nothing, here are some suggested topic hooks for memoirs that I would like to read, but about which Google has thus far not been very helpful in confirming exist:

-"How organizing my closet/house helped me organize my life" (without being a straight up fashion/organizing guide)

-Cleaning Out The Attic: memoir of cleaning out a parent's house? The secondary hook could be about the parent-child relationship and you felt closer to them, or discovered things you never knew about them.
[edit: found one! I'm not sure if it will really be my cup of tea; I was hoping for something more recent and/or by a woman, but "Iowa farmhouse" is a pretty tempting setting, not least 'cause my mom had a pair of Illinois farmhouses to help clean out during the same time period.]

-Memoir of a career spent running/working for an estate sale company
[found something that's like a combination of the two above! still not sure is my cup of tea, but, There's Gold In Your Attic.]

-"We Are Not The Local Dump," and other PSAs from your local Goodwill worker (do you ever get tired of weird donation stories? Never mind customer horror. If Waiter Rant can be a book this needs to also be a book)

-That one I mentioned wanting before, about a memoir of one's library experiences (not working there. Just, as a visitor, and how they shaped you as a reader and a person)

-House In Progress (I GENUINELY DON'T UNDERSTAND why they don't have a book deal. or multiple book deals. They could do a photo guide to all the interesting stuff they've found, and then a memoir about how they came to buy the house and all the stuff they found in it/how they handled the cleanout, and maybe a whole 'nother book about the actual house repair and home improvements made)

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