RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Weensy Reprieve

The work site was down until close to 10 PM last night, at which point I was exhausted from my efforts of taking down 67% of the Christmas ornaments, so I just gave up and went to bed at 10:45 PM. And stayed asleep for like, 11 hours because I knew we were going to get a deadline extension over it being down that long and I was that bone-crushingly exhausted and could not bear the thought of rising.

Obnoxiously, we only got a 2.5 hour extension on our deadline and due to my brain being close to exploding all weekend, I could not make myself focus with that kind of GLORIOUS EXTENSION FREEDOM so I only spent about 4 hours on work today. I still have one overdue that I had to hold (not my fault, just means more for tomorrow).
Naturally, I immediately whiled away my evening watching game shows (Celebrity Name Game and Family Feud), taking down the rest of the ornaments, and...breaking all my rules about not wasting time on the internet, but I started looking at my favorite outfit selfie tags on Tumblr, and in the process I discovered this teen culture of STUDYBLRS where all they do is talk about/post photos of homework and their goals and planners and study space and motivate each other to buckle down work in a timely manner. It's everything I need! Particularly since I translate my work into homework terms anyway. Plus, LOOK AT THESE NOTES. They are works of art.

Bonus, maybe it's because they're side blogs or something, but no matter how many blogs I visit I have not run into a single post about activism or tyrannical dress codes. Even though they're teenagers. On Tumblr. I didn't know it could BE like this! Honestly, part of me wants to create a whole new account so that I can follow everyone and not have their posts clash so alarmingly with the fandom posts on my dash. It's making me look at Tumblr in a whole new light.
Tags: tumblr, work

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