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I set myself up perfectly with my laptop here in bed, and I have to say, if I were not worried about overheating the tiny machine, I am pretty sure I would never sit upright, much less get out of bed, between October and May. IT'S SO WARM AND COMFY OMG.

My title refers to the fact that even though I only set it up with the intention of catching up on LJ, instead I ended up spending an hour catching up on my equivalent of paperwork, i.e. writing all those deduction notices and coaching emails I've been putting off for the past 2 weeks for work.

On top of that, I actually finished like 20% of my work for tomorrow EARLY, and only spent 4 hours and 40 minutes on work prior to sunset, AND I had time to get out and window shop at a thrift store for 2.5 hours tonight. And also, I decided I had finally seen enough of this show to watch Chris Colfer's episode of Hot in Cleveland. [Edit: first episode. OH MY GOD HOW DID NOT KNOW HE WAS IN A SECOND EPISODE, I AM SO EXCITED THAT THIS RIDE ISN'T OVER.]

I watched a preview clip of his first scene back before it aired, but it didn't mean anything to me beyond a bunch of awesome celebrities in one scene. I don't know if it was a conscious decision to skip the episode or not -- I feel like it was originally just that I ran out of time to get to it -- but once I started seeing reruns I decided it would be better if I had a solid feel for the show first.

And before I say anything else, I have to say it is a delight to be able to remember Clueless Me's impression of the show versus Current Me's knowledge of it. Now the women are all like old friends, and I'm used to a string of big-name guest stars parading through the set, but it's an extra special delight to have the door open and then see YOUR VERY DARLING AND BELOVED FAVORITE celeb actuall there, being part of it.

Every time Victoria has mentioned one of her sons in the reruns, my ears have perked up with excitement, thinking that soon I would see the more important one, and it's fantastic to put an actor to the vague character sketch.

I tell you, I nearly perished of joy on the spot just hearing his voice. And his everything. It's been so long since I could stand to look at or think directly about Kurt, and consequently banished all of my Glee Tumblr peeps and with them, steady strean of Colfer news and pics. You tend to forget what a straight up darling he is, and getting a full strength shot of it is overwhelming. Like, that last scene. With his wee sad "Dad needed me more" face giving us ALL the emotional flashbacks, unbidden, to early seasons Burt Hummel.

And also...yeah, just basically everything, since 74% of his role is to look guilty and conflict. And the rest is pretty much all fake cheeriness and fabulousness. I loved the whole plot point: a reverse coming out story -- or as Elka would say, coming in -- of "Mom...I'm straight." I don't care if Friends did it first. Hot in Cleveland did it better.

P.S. I was not prepared for this episode to ALSO have Joy dating Tim Daly. LOOK AT THESE TWO ULTRA PRETTY PEOPLE MAKING OUT, my stars. No pun intended. I had to mute all the Melanie scenes because EMBARRASSMENT, but I greatly enjoyed their mutual suspicion, propensity for snooping and general lack of trust making them perfect for each other.

P.P.S. I don't have a tag for this show, which means I've never talked about it in detail before. Oops? Suffice to say that I love all the women equally, greatly admire the sleeveless fashion show that is Victoria and Joy's wardrobe every week, nearly perished of adorable when I saw two episodes with a RIDICULOUSLY CUTE GIANT MUTT of a dog, and can't really think of anything I dislike about this series at all. I am even prepared to say it may outrank The Middle in terms of Top Notch Quality Sitcom Programming In A Post-2008 World.
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