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On Twilight + Imprinting

Every time I read Breaking Dawn reviews, this comes up with various tones of disgust, and it's just...really bugging me in ways I can't quite put my finger on, so I want to talk it out here.

Everyone's reaction to werewolves imprinting on people 2 and under is met with revulsion and horrified cries of PEDOPHILIA WHY, which is definitely a justified reaction, as are the reactions of the parents of the girls in question. The concept sounds squicky, and even I will admit that my strongest feeling about it is like, "but Stephenie, why would you even try to make people understand your off-kilter idea when you know they're not going to try could have just not written it instead."

That said, if you read like two more sentences after it's first introduced in Eclipse, Meyer very clearly and explicitly says that imprinting on someone that young does not equal "omg I am in such deep love must smooch now," that it's just a connection/drive to protect and be around that person. I personally do not have a hard time rationalizing how one's feelings about a person can change with their physical appearance. For instance, what if your best friend of the gender you're attracted to weighed 400 pounds, but then got super physically fit. Is there no chance you might find them more attractive?

To say nothing of growing up with someone and thinking, "Oh, we couldn't date, he's like my brother," but then finding when you are 22 and they're more mature that oh wait, I actually might want to kiss their face now and maybe spend my whole life with them. (I mixed a whole lot of pronouns in there. But I refuse to change to something more uniform).

Do I even need to mention how many people have crushes on adult actors younger than them who were acting before puberty?

Besides, a key point in this series is that years on earth =/= physical/mental age. This is whole other thing people take issue with, and I could get into it in more detail, but for lack of time I'll just say plainly that with the slow way werewolves age (never mind Renesmee's countering speed), it's not even the same as an adult human falling in love with someone they've known since she was a girl. And even if it were, I have a book called Emma I'd like to show you that a lot of people seem very happy with. (not all people, granted, but enough)

(disclaimer: I hated Emma. But only because of the title character.)

So. By all means, slap Jacob very hard across the face for glomping onto her daughter without a moment's hesitation and refusing to get gone. But I am really tired of seeing "GROSS HE'S IN LOVE WITH A BABY" all over the place. Read what is there, and not what lets you get your Twilight hate on with glee.
This post has been partially brought to you by the foul mood I am in after reading yet another book in which the virgin high schooler sleeps with her first boyfriend after less than 2 months (you know how summer-after-graduation romances are, gotta consummate 'em before the distance breaks you up or you'll never make it in the long run!) and stewing in consternation that Edward/Bella is still somehow considered the worst message about relationships ever written to teens.
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